Universal Barrel Mount enables you to mount any of our 1″ diameter tactical flashlights.


This Universal Mount that enables you to mount any of our 1″ diameter tactical flashlights.  The base, with its built-in 20 mm rail, is attached to your barrel by tightening down the clamp with two screws using the included allen wrench.  The light is then held securely in place in the upper ring section that is also secured with two screws.  Once the upper and lower brackets are attached to your barrel and to your light, the light can be easily removed in the same manner as any rail mount system by simply loosening the thumb screw and sliding the light and the upper mount section off the base rail. Reverse the process to reinstall.

If you already have a rail system, you can discard the universal lower section of this mount and instead use the upper section to hold your light and fasten directly onto your existing rail system. The clamp is adjustable and will mount onto any rail system up to 26 mm wide.




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