Replacement Smooth SMO Reflector for more concentrated center beam and greater throw. Fits Echo Series v.3 (1300lm)  and Juno Series v.2.


This smooth or “SMO” Reflector (which measures 29.5 mm in diameter) can be installed in place of the OP reflector that comes standard on all MF Tactical Echo Series v.3 (1300lm) and Juno Series v.2 models.  The standard OP or “orange peel” reflector has a textured surface that acts to evenly disburse the light over a wider field, which makes the light have a bias towards flood or spill.  As some users need a light with a bias more towards throw, which puts a narrower beam farther down field, we now offer the SMO reflector as an upgrade that can be purchased and retrofitted onto your existing MF Tactical  flashlight. This item is a stand alone product which is the very same reflector offered as an upgrade when purchasing the above-listed flashlights.

Think of the difference between the SMO and OP as analogous to the difference between loading your home’s recessed ceiling light fixture with a spot light bulb vs. a flood light bulb.  If you would prefer to maximize your light’s throw potential through the use of an SMO reflector, now you can purchase this SMO reflector.  The reflector is easily installed by simply unscrewing and removing the aluminum bezel from your light and removing the glass lens.  Once removed, the standard reflector will come out by turning the light upside down.  Then drop in the SMO reflector and firmly reinstall lens and bezel.

If your needs vary from time to time, but not enough to justify a second flashlight, you can switch back and forth as needed between your OP and SMO reflectors.  Just handle carefully, as the highly polished nickel finish on the SMO reflector can be susceptible to finger prints.  So handle from the rim only or use gloves to avoid getting finger prints on your SMO.


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