Remote pressure switch for Delta and Bravo-1 and Bravo-5 (not the Bravo-P). Ideal for mounted weapon lights. Functionality of tail switch is transferred to rubber squeeze pad for smooth operation.


This handy Remote Pressure Switch is designed for use with your flashlight mounted on your weapon. This switch fits the MF Tactical Delta-4 and the Bravo-1 and Bravo-5 models (as well as the discontinued Pro T6-1000-4). This switch is not for the Bravo-P. To install, simply remove your light’s tail cap and screw this switch in its place. It can be used to change modes on a multi-mode light and provides for momentary activation in whatever mode the light has been set.  It was made to be used with any long gun-rifle or shotgun (not for pump action weapons). It fits into the integrated pressure switch pocket of a fore grip, and the pressure switch can also be attached with hook and loop (not supplied) to any weapon that does not have an integrated pressure switch pocket. It has no “click” sound and can be easily used when wearing gloves.  The coiled cable is 13″ in its coiled state and can be extended to a full 30″.


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