Red and Green Filter Adapter Package for the MF Tactical Pro Tango L3 flashlight.

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This is an accessory package with both the Red and Green Filter Lenses for the MF Tactical Pro Tango L3 flashlight. These color filter lenses easily replace the standard clear lens.  Just unscrew the flashlight bezel, remove the clear lens, replace with the color lens and replace bezel.  These lenses are made of hardened mineral glass, which are resistant to scratching or breakage.  They will also outlive and outperform similar products made of plastic.

A red filter protects your night vision. Under low-light or no-light conditions using white light can impair your night vision for up to a full hour. Using a red lens reduces this affect, allowing re-adjustment to full night vision in just a few minutes.

A green filter is used when you need more light, but you don’t want others seeing you easily.  Green light diffuses much more quickly than do other colors, so your beam is not as easy to see from a distance.


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