A sleek and lightweight USB rechargeable rubber COB Led headlamp with built-in li-ion battery that runs 4 hrs. on high. For maximum output, use both cool & warm white COB strips or red COB strip for night vision.

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Allows USB charging via AC wall outlet

Allows USB charging via cigarette lighter

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MF Tactical is pleased to introduce our first LED headlamp. This extremely lightweight and comfortable USB rechargeable headlamp uses COB LED technology. COB (chip-on-board) LEDs allow for an extremely light, thin and flexible headlamp that puts out just the right amount of light that is always aimed just where you need it. Since it’s made from silicone rubber and an adjustable nylon strap, it fits any head and is so comfortable that you will forget you are even wearing a headlamp.

A good quality headlamp has been at the top of our customer requests for a long time. We do read our your comments and requests and take the time to truly hear what you have to say, as we really believe that your feedback is our most valuable resource. Every new product we introduce is shaped by the ideas and requests that you, our valued customers, have shared with us, and it’s our commitment to turning those insights into illuminating solutions that we think sets us apart from other flashlight manufacturers.

MF Tactical‘s COB Headlamp has three COB strips plus a bonus side LED. The top strip is a 185 lumens cool white strip, the second strip is a 185 lumens warm white strip, and the third strip is a 185 lumens red strip. Like any good headlamp, ours is equally good at making you be seen as it is at letting you see. So if you are a runner, cyclist or just an evening dog walker, using the COB headlamp with either of its white or red strobe modes will easily make you seen by the traffic at night.

While there are a total of 10 different lighting modes that you can choose from to suit your particular needs at any given time, we also understand that sometimes you just want to have instant bright light and then just shut it off when you are done. So MF Tactical‘s COB headlamp includes an instant max bright mode that turns on both white COB strips on high just by holding the ON/OFF button down for 2 seconds. And for fun, click the Waive Sensor button, and the light can be turned on or off by just waiving your hand in front of the built-in sensor.

The COB Headlamp comes with a USB charging cable and a built in li-ion rechargeable battery. So to recharge, just plug into any existing USB-A power supply or the optional AC power adapter  or DC vehicle cigarette lighter adapter, and your battery will automatically recharge.

COB Headlamp Specs:

Downloadable User Guide
User Guide
Brand:MF Tactical
Model:COB Headlamp
Emitter Brand/Type:COB LED and LED
Color BIN:Cool White/Warm White/Red
Total Emitters:
90 COB and 1 LED
Battery:Permanent built-in 1200mAh 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery
Voltage Input:3.7V
Switch Type:Electronic tac switch
Switch Location:Side
Modes:Cool white high, cool white low, warm white high, warm white low, red high, red strobe, side high, side low
COB Brightness on High:370 lumens with 2 strips; 185 lumens with 1 strip
COB Brightness on Low:180 lumens on 2 strips; 90 lumens on 1 strip
Side LED Brightness (Lumens):70 high; 30 low
Approx. Charge Time:4 hrs
Approx. COB Runtime:2 hrs high; 3 hrs low; 2 hrs strobe cool & warm white; 2 hrs strobe red
Instant Max Bright Mode:
Press On/Off button for 2 secs for cool & warm white COB+side LED
Range:Intended as close up work light. Wearer clearly visible from 100 yards.
Waterproof Standard:IPX-66.  Protected against high pressure water stream from any angle.
Materials:Comfortable non-slip rubber and ABS
Finish:Matt black
Head Strap Material:Soft silicone rubber and stretch nylon
Weight3.5 oz
Length:12” fully extended


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