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The 3rd gen StingRay, with a single ultra-high power 5400 lm Cree® XHP70.2 LED emitter & extra deep SMO reflector, is a long throw flashlight with narrow center beam that projects an incredible 300 yards.

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StingRay v.3 requires 10A 18650 batteries, so choose a package with 3 or 6 10A 3500mAh Ultra Capacity batteries and 4-way AC/USB Charger. Flashlight does not come with batteries or charger unless you add a package below.

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Introducing the 3rd generation 5400 lumen MF Tactical StingRay v.3. It is hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since we produced the first gen StingRay, and man things have changed in a decade! But, LED technology has progressed, and now a single LED is capable of putting out a previously unimaginable 5400 lumens.

StingRay has returned to its roots and is once again built around a single LED emitter, now the newest generation, top-of-the-line Cree® XHP70.2 LED. Combining Cree®‘s latest emitter with an extra deep mirror finished aluminum SMO reflector has allowed us to engineer this light to be by far the brightest, longest throw, narrowest beam light we have ever built

Without boring you with too much flashlight tech, up until now you needed multiple LEDs in order to make an extremely bright flashlight, but the physical size of a cluster of multiple LEDs necessarily produces a wide, flood type beam spread. StingRay v.3 was designed for users who require a more focused, long range beam that minimizes beam spread and throws the most concentrated center beam possible in a super high power LED flashlight.

StingRay v.3
OLED digital display plus dual switches for intuitive control

Advancements in technology have allowed us to reduce the weight of the 3rd gen StingRay by >45% while increasing brightness by 100% compared to the last generation.  StingRay now incorporates a high resolution OLED digital display screen that clearly and concisely gives you vital status information such as the currently selected mode (high, medium, low, extra low and strobe) and a real time digital battery power level gauge.

Plus, our new intuitive dual lighted buttons separate power control from mode selection by isolating those functions to separate buttons. Dual buttons are the solution for easy and flawless tactical operation and insures you always have total control of your light. In addition, when you need to quickly get to strobe mode (and when you need strobe, you generally need it NOW!), a quick double click of either button instantly accesses fast strobe mode, even when the flashlight is off.

Our new locking feature allows you to electronically “lock” your StingRay to prevent unintentional activation while it is being stowed or transported. No flashlight on the market operates this easily, efficiently and effectively.

MF Tactical StingRay v.3 is built from solid military grade T6061 aluminum alloy, waterproof to IPX-67 standards and has an extra thick hardened ultra-clear mineral glass lens with anti-reflective coating to insure unhindered light transmission and maximum durability. And, this professional grade tactical LED flashlight was designed and built in the USA to the highest quality standards to insure years of reliable service.

Stingray runs on two or three of our latest 3500mAh Ultra Capacity 10A rechargeable 18650 li-ion batteries (sold separately) and has a maximum run time of 3 hours per charge on high and 35 hours on extra low. You also have the option of removing the 3rd battery tube and running your Stingray on 2 batteries (with reduced runtime), which reduces your 12″ long flashlight to 9″ length if you need a more compact footprint.

NOTE:  MF Tactical StingRay v.3 requires 10A 18650 batteries.  Earlier 3.5A batteries are not compatible with this flashlight.  Select from the Battery/Charger Packages above to purchase 3 or 6 10A MF Tactical 18650 Ultra Capacity 3500mAh batteries for use in the StingRay.

MF Tactical is a US company based in New Jersey that designs and builds the highest quality tactical LED flashlights that outperform and outlast inferior models offered by the larger flashlight manufacturers and the low quality Chinese imports. Every MF Tactical flashlight comes with a one year warranty and the highest level of personalized customer service that keeps our customers coming back year after year.

StingRay v.3 Specs:

Downloadable User Guide
User Guide
Brand:MF Tactical®
Model:StingRay v.3
Emitter Brand/Type:Cree®
Emitter BIN:XHP70.2
Color BIN:White
Total Emitters:1
Battery Requirements:2 or 3 18650 protected li-ion rechargeable batteries w/10A discharge rate
Voltage Input:7.4~12.6V
Switch Type:Dual electronically actuated lighted switches
Switch Location:Top/Side
Modes:5 Modes Controlled by secondary dedicated mode button
Mode Memory:Auto-setting mode memory returns to last mode when light is re-activated
Mode Arrangement:High, Medium, Low, Extra Low and Direct Access Fast Strobe
Working Current:6A, Digitally Regulated
Max Brightness in lumens:5400 High; 3780 Med; 2160 Low; 540 Extra Low
Max. run time per charge on 3x 3500mAh batteries:3.o hrs High; 5 hrs Med; 10 hrs Low; 35 hrs Extra Low; 4 hrs strobe
Max. run time per charge on 2x 3500mAh batteries:2.o hrs High; 3.4 hrs Med; 6.7 hrs Low; 23.4 hrs Extra Low; 2.7 hrs strobe
Range:300+ yards
Water Resistance Standard: IPX-66. Protected against high pressure water stream from any angle.
Materials:T6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Finish:HA III military Grade Hard Anodized
Lens:Extra thick hardened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
Reflector:Smooth Aluminum/SMO Reflector
Weight (w/o batteries):13.1 oz
Length:12” with 3rd battery tube; 9″ without
Diameter at head:2.15”
Diameter at body:1.0″


16 reviews for MF Tactical StingRay v.3 Long Throw 5400 Lumens Max 5 Mode

  1. Don Foss (verified owner)

    I have 3 of MFT’s flashlights and this one is amazing! I live out on acreage with very little light on my property. This thing lights up the night! I can light up my front gate, over 200 yards away, like it is daytime.

  2. Ryan (verified owner)

    I bought this flashlight on Christmas Day (Saturday) and received it in the mail that following Tuesday. So 1, fast shipping to anywhere in the US since I live in the South. I bought it for work, hiking and home use. I work as a semi truck washer. I often have to check motors and other dark areas that are surrounded by steam, so it can be really difficult to see. I’m consistently getting compliments about how bright this light is and I’m usually using it on low. But I can light up an entire 52 foot box trailer without issue. No complaints, super glad I bought this light. Super glad I didn’t buy a nitecore.

  3. Jim (verified owner)

    Bright and well built as advertised. Couldn’t be happier.

  4. Frank Puccini (verified owner)

    Finally they made me my long throw kickass flashlight. It really throws a great beam, and I am impressed with the lightweight feel and the techy display. Great job guys!

  5. Jose Fernandez (verified owner)

    I think this is a great flashlight. Agree it is very well made and stupid bright. But I give it only 4 stars because I wish it was cheaper. $300 with batteries is a lot for a light and I can hardly afford it.

  6. Linda M (verified owner)

    Glad to have found the stingray. Needed a long throw light and this one does not disappoint. As advertised, it sends an incredible amount of light down range with a good narrow concentration.

  7. Mars Edwards (verified owner)

    PDG MF – intense – good – clean – even light dispersion – solid & well made – not my first MF rodeo as there have been several. Previous rides gave have been outstanding – however – this is less cumbersome – easier to point and manipulate and the range of intensities increases its usefulness. For me the double press of a button for strobe is a strong positive combined with returning to the last function used – including strobe. All the above consider to be good news. Now the bad – 2 days after receiving this superior instrument – MF alerted me to their new and improved night-lighter twice the lumens as this honey – c’mon Howard – gimme-a-brake – call me –

  8. Kevin whited (verified owner)

    Thank u i have all of your top of the line flashlights. They are awesome. This light May have been dropped in transit why its nkt coming in. Love your flashlights

  9. Timothy Dixon (verified owner)

    I’ve been a customer for many years and own a variety of MF Tactical Monster lights. I’ve always been impressed by the quality and performance of each model (along with those super high-quality batteries) and the new Stingray V.3 is no exception. This light is well engineered, beautifully made, remarkably light weight, and easy to use with the updated controls. The light really throws a focused beam and performs as advertised. As the days are getting shorter now, I’m glad to have this light in my “arsenal”. Well done!

  10. Mindy Franklin Levine (verified owner)

    We used the Stingray this evening and it’s absolutely wonderful – lighter with great intensity. Thrilled to add another of Howard’s recommendations to our collection! 👍🏻

  11. Kevin whited (verified owner)

    I have five of your flashlights. I love this one only one problem. The light that says mf and shows the battery life lasted about three time and then went dark. Am I doing something that turns it off or is it broke. The light still comes on an is awesome and super bright. Love the light just let me know if it needs to be returned. Thanks kevin

    • MF_Tactical

      Kevin – customer support will contact you to help you with your screen issue.

  12. Thomas B Ewalt (verified owner)

    As the very satisfied owner of 2 Delta 4’s, 2 version 2 Stingrays, and 1 original Mini Monster, I had very high expectations for the version 3 Stingray. I was NOT disappointed. A really great long throw, light weight, easy to use flashlight! I guess Howard has also turned me into a flashlight freak. Thanks for a really superior American made product.

  13. Tina Dryden (verified owner)

    We have had the original monster flashlight, the mini monster and now the newest. The Stingray is very lightweight and extremely bright. So far this is my favorite design.

  14. Dwight Freeman (verified owner)

    I own several Monster Flashlights and the Stingray flashlight is a great addition. It is awesome and preforms great. I recommend it highly.

  15. Debbie Martin

    I have just purchased my 3rd flashlight from Monster Flashlight (Stingray 3). As a home inspector I use flashlights everyday and need great quality. This Stingray 3 has exceeded my expectations. My 1st one from 8 years ago still works, but I gave it to a family member so I needed another. I have 1 smaller light which is good for most of my work, but in attics, basements and crawlspaces you need a bright light. I can’t stop talking about this light, it’s so good and the great build quality means it can take abuse and still work. I use the Stingray 3 as the smaller version to limit the size/weight. I asked a question on my order and received a response, which is as important as good quality. Thank you for your great service.

  16. Pete Vicente (verified owner)

    I was really excited to see this new flashlight. I ordered it from Howard with 3 new 10 amp batteries and received it in a day and a half. Fantastic customer service and an incredible flashlight. I have never owned anything this bright. I love the easy to use 2 button controls that are so user friendly. The battery charge indicator is really nice. If you are looking for a top quality tactical flashlight this is it. I wish I could give it 6 stars. Thanks Howard for this really cool piece!

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