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The 9600 lumen 4th gen PowerStar, the brightest flashlight we’ve ever built, is a no compromise, high quality, high intensity rechargeable LED flashlight with OLED display screen & intuitive dual button operation.

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PowerStar runs on 3 20A High Discharge (HD) 18650 batteries, so you can choose a package with 3 or 6 HD batteries and the advanced 4-way AC/USB VC4 LCD Charger. PowerStar does not come with batteries or charger unless you add a package below.

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Introducing the new standard in ultra-bright high power tactical LED flashlights: the new MF Tactical PowerStar v.4. You may know that it is not too often that we introduce a new PowerStar. Consequently, the all new 4th gen model makes the biggest leap forward in MF Tactical‘s history.

Because recent breakthroughs in LED development have yielded the most powerful ever Cree® XHP70.2 LED emitters, we were able to design the new PowerStar to use three of them. So, when we combine these awesome emitters with incredible new battery technology known as High Discharge LiNiMnCo02 20A batteries, the result is truly breathtaking. Put another way, this means that you get a 9600 lumen flashlight that is twice as bright and 27% lighter than its predecessor. And, don’t forget that this is without giving up any of the legendary design, fit, finish and build quality that has made PowerStar one of the absolute best flashlights in the world.

As a result of PowerStar‘s increased power, new features and capabilities, the new PowerStar is even more than ever the envy and desire of Flashlight Freaks everywhere. So, without a doubt, Powerstar is for those who want the baddest and brightest flashlight possible along with the knowledge that their ultimate flashlight is built to exacting standards from the finest materials in the world.

MF Tactical PowerStar v.4
OLED display shows current mode
MF Tactical PowerStar v.4
OLED display shows real time battery level

So, take a look at the new PowerStar. First off you’ll see our advanced OLED digital display screen that crisply and beautifully displays your selected mode and shows a battery power gauge in real time. But beyond the beauty of the sharp screen, most importantly now you always know your current power level. Beyond that, our new dual backlit rubberized control buttons separate power control from mode selection, which means that PowerStar is both incredibly simple and intuitive to use.

For example, just press the left button to turn on/off and press the right button to change mode – it’s really that simple. Similarly, Our exclusive direct access fast strobe mode is now called up with just a quick double press of either button, even when the flashlight is off. And, even better, the locking feature lets you electronically “lock” your PowerStar. So, that means you have protection from unintentional activation while being stowed or transported. Consequently, PowerStar protects you from accidental battery drain resulting from unintended operation.

We upgraded PowerStar v.4 to be a 6 mode flashlight, with high, medium, low, extra low, our new candle mode (which gives you 150 lumens of continuous light for up to 100 hours) plus a blinding fast strobe. Most significantly, PowerStar gives you 9600 lumens on high mode for a full 90 minutes. Following that you get about 6 additional hours at a pretty respectable 2400 lumens by running on low mode.

And be assured that the advanced convenience features don’t stop there. Consequently, you will love the fact that our Mode Memory feature remembers what mode you were using when you last turned it off. That means that PowerStar will automatically return to your last used mode next time you turn the light on. Put another way, you never have to “hunt” through a long succession of modes to simply find the mode you want. So, let’s say you set the light to medium and then turn it off and go to sleep. Now, when you wake up in the night and turn it back on, it will automatically return to medium. Also, a built-in tripod mount lets you use any standard tripod to mount your PowerStar for hands-free operation.

First off, in addition to its incredibly solid, high quality feel, PowerStar is beautifully finished with the highest Level HA III military grade hard anodized finish. Secondly, it resists wear and scratching so that it will look as good as it performs for many, many years to come. Thirdly, PowerStar‘s blacked out aluminum “attack” bezel gives you a hard, crenulated leading edge that can be used to break glass and/or provide you with a tactical weapon for your close-in self defense needs (but please be careful out there, Rambo). Lastly, since PowerStar meets IPX-66 standards for waterproofing, the result is that it’s safe to use in the rain and in wet conditions.

For carrying your PowerStar with ease, we offer two optional accessories:  First is a comfortable camera style shoulder strap with anti-kinking swivel mounts. Secondly, we offer a comfortable and convenient ballistic nylon belt holster. And don’t forget that PowerStar runs only on either two or three 3.7v, 20A 18650 High Discharge (HD) rechargeable batteries. The price shown above for the flashlight is without batteries. So just use the “Select Battery/Charger Package” option menu when you put this light in your cart, and you can choose a package with one or two sets (3 batteries per set) of HD batteries and an AC/USB intelligent charger with LCD screen.

Shoulder Strap
Shown with optional shoulder strap
Shown with optional shoulder strap

Just so you know we thought of everything, we include a spare extra toughened, extra thick ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating lens with every PowerStar (just in case of a mishap with your original lens). In addition, as you may wish to reduce your PowerStar‘s length for ease of carry, we give you the option of removing the 3rd battery extension tube and running the light on only 2 batteries (with 33% less run time). But, for maximum performance, leave the extra tube in place, install 3 batteries and be prepared to light up the night.

Cree® rates the LED emitters in PowerStar to last 100,000 hours. In addition, every MF Tactical flashlight comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Accordingly, in the unlikely event that your light should fail during that time, it will be repaired or replaced at our cost so long as it is not misused or abused.

As many of our earlier customers already know, MF Tactical was established by an admitted flashlight freak (flashlitious freakopotimus) when he became an EMT and volunteered for his local squad. As a result, MF Tactical was built around the idea that an American company could design and build extremely high quality flashlights and offer its customers the very best in state-of-the-art LED technology with an emphasis on ultra high performance and the best design and engineering in the business. We build these amazing flashlights in New Jersey and sell them to professionals, enthusiasts and everyday flashlight users at the best prices possible. Combine that with lightning fast shipping and knowledgeable customer service, and you too will be a Flashlight Freak.

NOTE:  PowerStar v.4 requires 20A 18650 High Discharge (HD) batteries. This means that earlier 3.5A or 10A batteries are not compatible. So, make sure you get our high current/high discharge rate HD batteries for your PowerStar.  And doing so is simple when you just select from the Battery/Charger options above to buy 3 or 6 20A MF Tactical 18650 3000mAh HD batteries for use in the MF Tactical PowerStar v.4.

PowerStar v.4 Specs:

Downloadable User Guide
User Guide
Brand:MF Tactical
Model:MF Tactical PowerStar v.4
Emitter Brand/Type:Cree®
Emitter BIN:XHP70.2
Number of Emitters3
Color BIN:Bright White
Material:6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Finish:HA III Military grade hard anodized
Battery Configurations:2x or 3x 20A 18650 High Discharge rechargeable batteries with protection circuit (sold separately)
Voltage Input:7.4v – 12.6v
Switch Type:Dual electronically actuated lighted switches
Switch Location:Top/Side
Mode Arrangement:High, Medium, Low, Extra Low, Candle Mode and Direct Access Fast Strobe.
Maximum Operating Current:12.5 Amps
Max Run Time per Charge with 3x 3000mAh High Discharge 20A 18650 batteries: Approx 1.5 hrs on high; 3 hrs on medium; 6 hrs on low; 15 hrs on extra low and 100 hrs on candle mode
Max Run Time per Charge with 2x 3000mAh High Discharge 20A 18650 batteries: Approx 1.0 hr on high; 2 hrs on medium; 4 hrs on low; 10 hrs on extra low and 67 hrs on candle mode
Max Lumens per mode:9600 lms on high or strobe; 4800 lms on medium; 2400 lms on low; 1000 lms on extra low and 150 lms candle mode
Maximum Range:250+ yards
Water Resistance Standard:IPX-66. Protected against high pressure water stream from any angle
Lens:Hardened and Extra-Thick Ultra-Clear Mineral Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating
Reflector:Aluminum Smooth Reflective Surface (SMO)
Weight (w/o batteries):1 lb. 3.3 oz/545 grams
Length (with 3rd battery tube):12.125″ (308.05mm)
Length (without 3rd battery tube):9.125″ (228.6mm)
Diameter at head:2.69″ (68.25mm)
Handle Diameter:1.0″ (25.4mm)


4 reviews for MF Tactical PowerStar v.4 – 9600 Lumens Max 6 Mode

  1. Mike M (verified owner)

    By far the brightest flashlight I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. Feels solid and real well made. Want to impress your friends? – Turn a Powerstar on outside at night. Really amazing!

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    I had an older Powerstar and recently purchased the V4. Wow! This light is scary bright. You could hurt someone with this thing. It’s like carrying the sun in your hand.

  3. Nate (verified owner)

    Never knew a flashlight could be made this bright. Turning it on the first time was a real rush. Very well made and everything I could ever need in a flashlight. Very happy!

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    I have had the second version powerstar for 7 years and decided to upgrade to the new 4th version. Wow, its an incredible difference. Not only is the light so much brighter, but handling this light is so much better because it is so much lighter and easier to carry around. Also really like the OLED screen because knowing how much is left in the batteries is a big feature in my book. This is really the Cadillac of flashlights and I am very happy with my new prized flashlight.

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