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The advanced 2nd gen 9600 lumens max Mini Monster with internal USB-C charging, dual lighted switches, OLED display screen that shows mode and battery level plus Power Bank for charging USB devices.

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Mini Monster runs on 4 20A High Discharge (HD) 18650 batteries that can charge internally or externally with an optional external charger. Choose a package with 4 or 8 HD batteries and 4-way AC/USB external charger. Mini Monster does not come with batteries or external charger unless you add a package below.

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We are thrilled to introduce our most significant step forward in flashlight technology ever with the all new second generation USB-C rechargeable MF Tactical Mini Monster v.2. We have combined breakthroughs in LED development, namely 3 of the most powerful ever Cree® XHP70.2 LED emitters, with new battery technology known as High Discharge LiNiMnCo02 20A batteries, to make a truly breathtaking and until recently impossible 9600 max lumen flashlight. The new Mini Monster‘s brightness is truly jaw dropping, and it’s now the most powerful and useful rechargeable tactical LED flashlight made anywhere, and it’s packed with the latest MF Tactical tech designed to make it simple to charge and intuitive to operate.

Fans of the original Mini Monster will immediately notice that we have reduced the weight of the new light by 35% and the length by over an inch while doubling brightness. As a result, the new Mini Monster‘s three Cree® XHP70.2 LED emitters operating with a current draw of 15A produce a blinding bright white beam that even flashlight freaks like us find astounding. The reductions in weight and length have not diminished build quality or feel in the least and have made our flagship Mini Monster even more practical and usable than before.

Batteries charge internally via included USB-C cable
OLED display shows real time battery level

Our all new advanced OLED digital display screen crisply and beautifully displays your selected mode and shows a battery power gauge each time you turn it on or anytime you press the right button. Our new intuitive dual lighted buttons separate power control from mode selection by isolating those functions to separate buttons. Press left button to turn on/off and press right button to change mode – it’s that simple. In addition, Mini Monster‘s direct access strobe mode can now be accessed with just a quick double click of either button, even when the flashlight is off. Our new locking feature gives you the ability to electronically “lock” your Mini Monster, which prevents unintentional activation while it is being stowed or transported, preventing unintended battery drain.

Mini Monster is now a 6 mode flashlight, with high, medium, low, extra low, our new candle mode (which gives you 150 lumens of continuous light for up to 100 hours) plus a blinding fast strobe. With high mode, you get full output for about 90 minutes plus an additional 90 minutes of light at the highest mode available dependent upon battery voltage level. Mode memory remembers what mode you were using when you turn it off and automatically returns to that mode next time you turn it on, so you never have to “hunt” for the mode you want. Mini Monster is also a power bank that allows you to charge your cell phone or other USB device by simply plugging in to your charging port using the included USB-C cable, the included USB-C to USB-A adapter or the optional USB-C to lightning adapter for charging Apple® devices.

You can charge Mini Monster‘s batteries internally via its built-in intelligent charging port by plugging its USB-C cable into a wall outlet with the included high power 3A AC adapter, or by plugging into any USB power source or automotive cigarette lighter outlet using the optional 12v DC car adapter. For users that need their flashlight to provide continuous operation without waiting for a recharge, a spare set of batteries can be charged on an optional external charger so that a fully charged spare set is always available for swapping out. Unlike the cheap imported flashlight wannabes on the market that claim to achieve extreme performance levels but instead end up overheating and underperforming, Mini Monster‘s exceptionally designed heat dissipation enables it to operate reliably at extremely high power levels without becoming too hot to handle.

MF Tactical Mini Monster v.2 meets IPX-66 standards for waterproofing, so its safe to use in the rain and in wet conditions. Unlike certain competitors that use plastic lenses that turn cloudy and block a portion of a light’s output, Mini Monster has a tough extra thick, ultra-clear mineral glass lens with anti-reflective coating to insure a clear, crisp beam and optimal output at all times, and we ship a spare lens with every Mini Monster just in case. Mini Monster is also mountable using any standard tripod mount.

Mini Monster runs on four rechargeable 20A 18650 High Discharge (HD) protected batteries (sold separately). While the price shown above for the flashlight is without batteries, just use the “Battery/Charger Packages” pull down menu when you’re ready to put the light in your cart, and you can choose a package with one or two sets (4 batteries per set) of our high quality MF Tactical HD batteries and a 4-way AC/DC/USB intelligent external charger with LCD screen.

Shown with optional shoulder strap
Shown with optional belt holster

For easy carrying and ready access to your Mini Monster, add our optional top quality camera style shoulder strap or a custom ballistic nylon belt holster.

The Cree® XHP70.2 emitters in the Mini Monster are rated by their manufacturer to last 100,000 hours. In addition, every MF Tactical flashlight sold on our web site comes with a one year warranty and unbeatable customer service. In the unlikely event that your light should have an issue during the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced at our cost (so long as it is not misused or abused).

NOTE:  MF Tactical Mini Monster v.2 requires 20A 18650 High Discharge (HD) batteries. Earlier 3.5A or 10A batteries are not compatible with this flashlight. Select from the Battery/Charger Packages above to purchase 4 or 8 20A MF Tactical 18650 3000mAh HD batteries for use in the Mini Monster v.2.



Downloadable User Guide
User Guide

Mini Monster v.2 Specs:

Brand:MF Tactical
Model:Mini Monster v.2
Emitter Brand/Type:Cree® XHP70.2
Number of Emitters3
Color BIN:
Bright White
Material:6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Finish:HA III Military grade hard anodized
Battery Configuration:4x 20A 18650 High Discharge rechargeable batteries with protection circuit (sold separately)
Voltage Input:3.7-4.2V
Maximum Operating Current:15A
Switch Type:Dual electronically actuated lighted switches.
Switch Location:Top/Side
Modes:6 Modes Controlled by secondary dedicated mode button
Mode Arrangement:High, Medium, Low, Extra Low, Candle Mode and Direct Access Fast Strobe
Max Run Time per Charge w/4x 3000mAh High Discharge 20A 18650 batteries: Approx 1.5 hrs on high*; 3.5 hrs on medium; 7 hrs on low; 16 hrs on extra low, 100 hrs on candle mode and 4 hrs on strobe
Max Lumens per mode:9600 lms on high or strobe; 4800 lms on medium; 2400 lms on low; 1000 lms on extra low and 150 lms candle mode
Maximum Range:250+ yards
Power Bank:USB-C Charge Port with 5V, 2A output
Waterproof Standard:IPX-66.  Protected against high pressure water stream from any angle
Lens:Hardened Ultra-Clear Extra Thick Mineral Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating
Reflector:Aluminum Smooth Reflective Surface (SMO)
Weight (w/o batteries):1 lb. 1.6 oz
Diameter at head:2.75″
Handle Diameter:1.875″

* After running for approx. 1.5 hrs on high, light will continue to operate for another 1.5 hrs at lower modes, with mode dependent upon battery voltage level.

9 reviews for MF Tactical Mini Monster v.2 – USB Rechargeable 9600 Lumens Max 6 Mode

  1. Ryan Peters (verified owner)

    Glad I found MF. This is clearly a hand built wonder that performs better than I hoped. Had it for only a month and already dont know how I lived without a Mini Monster my whole life!

  2. Edward Z (verified owner)

    God bless you, Howard. It’s my 3rd flashlight from You. Mini monster v2 is a beast. Had no problems with the previous 2. Still have them. Top notch quality.

  3. Dale (verified owner)

    Bought the Mini Monster last Christmas and have had a good time with it outside – nothing is brighter or more impressive. But last night it proved itself. We had a power outage all night long. I put it on my nightstand in my bedroom on low, and the beam bouncing off the ceiling lit up the entire bedroom all night long as though I had a table lamp on.. This morning, went to recharge and found it only used about 25% of its battery charge all night. Amazing is an understatement.

  4. Nathan Lawrence

    PROS: I drive an 18 wheel truck at night. This flashlight is Insanely bright!! It is blinding from 1000’s of feet away! Too bright for many applications, so the brightness mode setting really comes in handy. Very sturdy and short. Stays on in high mode for easily a whole hour. Strobe mode is stunning and is probably visible from miles away. A “blinking” mode with a red lens would be an excellent addition for stopping traffic on a busy road in daytime or nighttime.
    CONS: The only flaw is that it takes multiple attempts to get the flash light to stay on in “High” mode. This may be an issue in all modern “HID” flashlights, so I don’t think I can fault the company. I emailed them and they said to just charge 2 batteries at a time instead of all four at once. This fixes the problem for about 1 minute, but the problem returns.

    • MF_Tactical

      Nathan, your light should not be having any issue staying on high when your batteries are between 100-50% full, or about 1.5 hrs. After 1.5 hrs, it will operate in medium or low only as the battery voltage drops. If you are having any issues running on high with full batteries, that is not normal and you should contact customer support.

  5. Lamont W (verified owner)

    Mighty impressive flashlight!

  6. Sandy (verified owner)

    My new Mini Monster V.2 would light up a ball field no problem. Really am enjoying the light. At the same time, I think my new Stingray V.3 is my new favorite however, I really like the extra long throw of the light. It will illuminate a stop sign almost a quarter of a mile away. How about a Stingray V.4 with 9600 lumens extra long throw with the four battery Mini Momster setup?

  7. dtrip88 (verified owner)

    Awesome light. Feels solid in your hand and seems to be very well made. Incredibly bright. I really like the wide range of light modes and the extended run times at higher lumen levels compared to most other LED flashlights. OLED screen is a nice touch and makes it easy to know right away which mode you are currently using and how much battery life is remaining. I never expected to spend this much on a flashlight but I’m willing to pay up to get a high quality American made product – which was a large part in my decision to buy this light. Glad I went with the Mini Monster v.2

  8. Thomas B Ewalt (verified owner)

    Howard has done it again! What a fantastically bright and brilliant design. This is my second Mini Monster. Loved the first one and gave it to my son. The dual button design is clever and allows quicker access to the different modes. The build quality is on the NASA level – flawless! Don’t really need to justify buying more flashlights from MF Tactical, not when you need or want the best. Kudos to Howard and his team. They make the best flashlights in the world. I am a dedicated flashlight freak for sure.

  9. Matt (verified owner)

    I am glad these guys sit around thinking about flashlights all of the time so I dont have to. This is the perfect flashlight. Bright as hell and seems to be made top notch. Love the screen. Keep up the good work guys!

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