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Designed for law enforcement personnel, evidence technicians and professional and civilian flashlight enthusiasts around the world, the CSI is a solid Cree R5 flashlight for everyday use.

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CSI runs on 2 14500 batteries. Choose 2 or 4 14500 batteries. Flashlight does not come with batteries unless added below.

Choose a dual USB charger with AC (wall charge) and DC (vehicle charge) adapter options.

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This is a high quality, professional grade tactical LED flashlight from MF Tactical — the 5-mode MF Tactical CSI, which is a long running penlight sized flashlight using a single Cree R5 LED emitter.  This flashlight is built from solid military grade aluminum specifically for the needs of law enforcement officers, crime scene investigators and anyone else who needs to carry a high quality flashlight with them to do their job. While it is built to professional specifications, it is intended to be reasonably priced and therefore just as useful to anyone who needs a high quality, compact and powerful LED flashlight that easily fits in your pocket. With a body diameter of just 0.8″, a head diameter of 1.0″ and a length of just over 7″, this compact professional tool has all of the right stuff to be your “don’t leave home without it” pocket penlight.

The MF Tactical CSI runs on two 14500 li-ion rechargeable batteries. The Cree R5 emitter is so efficient that we were able to engineer this flashlight to run for up to 3-1/2 hrs. on high on a full charge and 15 hours on low.  While the price shown above for the flashlight is without batteries, just check the box marked “Select Battery/Charger Package” when you put this light in your shopping cart, and you can choose a package made up of either two or four rechargeable li-ion 14500 batteries and/or a charger.  We also offer a custom ballistic nylon belt holster/case.

Some of the design features that went into the MF Tactical CSI in order to make it the natural choice for professionals who rely on their flashlights was a flexible steel pocket clip, a textured diamond patterned surface to provide adequate grip when working in wet locations, waterproofing to IP-X6 standards to protect your investment and make it safe for use on a boat or in the rain, and a five mode tactical switch (high, medium, low, strobe and SOS) with excellent tactile feedback and placed perfectly at the top end of the flashlight just where your thumb naturally falls.  We also included flash memory so that the flashlight’s circuitry will remember the last mode you used and return to that mode each time you turn it back on, avoiding the hassle of having to cycle modes each time you use your flashlight.  Lastly, like all high quality machined aluminum tools that are built to last, it is finished with hard military grade III annonization to protect your professional grade flashlight from wear and protect its finish from the elements.

MF Tactical is a US company based in New Jersey that designs and builds high quality tactical LED flashlights that outperform and sell for less than similar models offered by the larger flashlight manufacturers.  For example, if you compare the CSI to the Streamlight Stinger, you will find that you can get an MF Tactical flashlight, complete with an optional battery/charger package, for about half the price of the overpriced Streamlight.  In addition, when you choose the CSI you get a flashlight that is brighter, runs longer on a charge, uses modern li-ion battery technology (instead of the older NiCd or NiMH batteries that quickly lose charge capability), has better waterproofing, a full one year warranty and the high level of personalized customer service that keeps our customers coming back.

CSI Specs:

Downloadable User Guide
User Guide
Brand:MF Tactical
Emitter Brand/Type:Cree
Emitter BIN:XPG-R5
Color BIN:White
Total Emitters:1
Battery Configurations:Powered by 2x 14500 li-ion rechargeable batteries.
Voltage Input:3~7.4V
Switch Type:Tactic Click Switch
Switch Location:Side
Modes:5 Modes Controlled by soft press of button
Mode Memory:Circuitry Features Mode Memory
Mode Arrangement:High, Medium. Low, Fast Strobe and SOS
Working Current:1 amp Total Output, Digitally Regulated
Brightness on Various Modes:350 lumens max on high
120 lumens max on medium
25 lumens max on low
Run Times per Charge:Approx 3 hrs on high
Approx 6 hrs on medium
Approx 15 hrs on low
(estimates are with 2×1000 mAh batteries)
Range:50+ yards
Water Resistance Standard:IPX-6. Protected against high pressure water stream at any angle.
Materials:T6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Finish:HA III military Grade Hard Anodized
Lens:Hardened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.
Reflector:Aluminum Textured/OP Reflector
Carrying Strap/Pocket Clip:Both Nylon Wrist Strap and steel pocket clip Included
Weight (w/o batteries):3.6 oz
Diameter at head:1.0”
Diameter at body:0.8″
Diameter at mounting pt:3/4”


8 reviews for MF Tactical CSI – Cree R5 LED Professional Pocket Flashlight – 5 Mode

  1. Bill R Dunnell (verified owner)

    Last year I purchased a cree R5 flashlight from you guys and it has worked great. About 3 months ago I lost it and after looking everywhere I gave up. Yesterday my son was raking leaves in the back yard and discovered my flashlight in a low spot in the grass. It was muddy and wet and had been in the rain for three months. I washed it off, pulled the batteries, dried it, put the batteries back in and it came on instantly and works just like it did when I got it a year ago. There was no rust on it and this to me spoke volumes about the quality of your flashlights. Thanks for making such a solid and reliable flashlight.

  2. Jane Jankowski

    everything that has been said above, a great size, and I have a black dog on a dark street and take it with me for every night time walk, easy to carry

  3. William R Dunnell (verified owner)

    I got this flashlight for my wife since winters in Seattle are wet, dark and gray. Her initial response when she turned it on and shown it in our back yard was …”holy crap this thing is bright!”

    The product works great and is well made.

  4. Charles Bailey (verified owner)

    awesome products expensive but you get what you pay for well worth it even better is your customer service i thought customer service was dead in this country i have purchased several products from you and have had a few times where i have had a question. unbelievably right on the front page of your website is a number to call even more unbelievably my calls were returned within the hour or sooner my questions /issues resolved on the spot Please fell free to share my comments
    Thank you!

  5. Alton Rowell

    Not going to use curse words. Butt I cannot believe I bought 10 x700 Japanese junkers. I need a boot up my derriere. Bought them for Christmas presents and they didn’t come with batteries. This light here is more better than my other light I own from another manufacturer American made., and it puts out more power with more modes. I sometimes think I have the word fool tattooed on my forehead.

  6. CSI Owner (verified owner)

    I also did plenty of research before getting a new flashlight and Monster came up as the winner! Excellent quality, very helpful and courteous customer service. Looking forward to buying another light in the future…

  7. Det. Walters (verified owner)

    Have had my CSI for about 2 weeks now and wanted to live with it for a couple weeks before writing a review. This is my first MF Tactical light but wont be my last. I am a plain clothes police detective and I needed a light that would be small and light enough to stick in my jacket pocket without weighing me down. This CSI is everything they said it would be and more. I put it next to my mini MAG, and there is just no comparison. The Monster has got to be at least 20 times brighter than the Mag, and I still get a full week of use out of just one charging of the batteries. (The MAG has just made early retirement in the wife’s glove compartment). The flashlight, batteries, charger and holster shipped 10 MINUTES after i bought online and then arrived in just 2 days. Right out of the box it looked and worked great. couldnt be happier and will definately be back for a powerstar before my first overnight camping trip with the kids this summer.

  8. Todd Abrams (verified owner)

    I did 4 hours of research on finding the best flashlight. the result was monster flashlight!!! When considering price, quality, and value Monster has never let me down on my multiple purchases over the last 2 years.

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