A durable custom ballistic nylon holster for the MF Tactical X-Ray and 5Q5-1200-5 models.



This is a durable ballistic nylon belt holster custom made for the MF Tactical X-Ray, StingRay v.3 and 5Q5-1200-5 models.

This holster is designed to keep your MF Tactical flashlight secure and close by as well as permit you easy one-handed access when needed in a hurry.  The belt attachment is made for any belt width up to a standard duty belt’s 2.25″ width.  It can be threaded onto a belt either through a permanent loop or the secondary snap open loop.

When carried in its holster, your MF Tactical flashlight remains immediately and easily accessible while remaining  securely stored at your belt.  An essential accessory for law enforcement use.


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