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The X-Ray, with 1750 max lumens, is the best value from our “big boys” category with the perfect balance of power, size, efficiency and run time.

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The MF Tactical X-Ray is the updated successor to our tried and tested war dog, the now retired 5Q5-1200-5.  X-Ray was designed to be the most affordable from our “big boys” category with the perfect balance of power, size, efficiency and run time.  As a result, X-Ray produces a blinding 1750 max lumens of pure white light from an incredibly solid, all military grade level III anodized aluminum housing with a simple, heavy duty recessed tail mounted switch.  In addition to being waterproof to IPX-7 standards, X-Ray is built around a total of five efficient Cree® XP-G R5 LED emitters that have been proven to do an excellent job in converting the high voltage electricity from your li-ion rechargeable batteries into a high energy light beam that will shine for up to 3.3 hours on high mode using three Ultra Capacity rechargeable 18650 batteries (sold separately).

As a smaller and lighter alternative to the StingRay and PowerStar models, X-Ray can be comfortably worn on your side using the optional custom ballistic nylon belt holster.  X-Ray is a 5 mode flashlight, which means that in addition to full on bright, you also get medium and low power settings, a powerful fast strobe mode to temporarily blind and disorient any aggressor and an SOS mode (repeats S-O-S in Morse code) to signal for help in an emergency.  X-Ray combines all of these features in an incredibly high quality package that is as beautiful to admire as it is fun to use.  Our use of the highly efficient Cree R5 emitters gives you an exceptionally long run time for such a high power flashlight.

To turn on, just click the tail switch.  To change modes, simply do a “soft press” on the switch to cycle through the 5 modes.  Leave it in the mode you want, and the memory feature brings it right back to that mode next time you turn it on.  With the memory feature, you do not  have to cycle through all 5 modes each time you turn it on or off like all of the cheap imports seen all over the internet.

X-Ray was built to run on either 2 or 3 high voltage 18650 rechargeable li-ion batteries (3 batteries needed for maximum run time).  While the flashlight price does not include batteries, just use the “Select Battery/Charger Package” option when you put the light in your cart, and you can choose an accessory package with 1 or 2 sets of our quality Extended Capacity or Ultra Capacity 18650 batteries and an XTAR AC/DC/USB charger with high tech blue LCD display. So long as you add your battery/charger package from the pull down menu, all packages added to your order come with no additional shipping charge.  Also offered is a custom ballistic nylon belt holster.

If you work in tight spaces and want to reduce the X-Ray’s size and weight, you can remove the included 3rd battery extension tube and run the light on just 2 batteries.  In this configuration, the flashlight body is reduced to about 8-1/2″ in length and the run time in all modes is reduced by a third.  But, for maximum run time, leave the extra tube in place, install 3 batteries and be prepared to light up the night!

This Monster is a seriously solid flashlight, and we have used all of our amassed knowledge from our years designing and building high performance rechargeable LED flashlights to make X-Ray the most reliable and powerful flashlight you will find in this size and price range.  You will feel secure holding it in your hand even before you turn it on due to its high quality finish, overall weight, balance and weaponized baton-like feel.  This is a tactical flashlight for people who appreciate and demand high quality in their tools, and the fact that it puts out an obscene amount of light is a bonus you will come to appreciate.  If you need an American built and well priced tactical defense tool that happens to throw a beam 200 yards,  the MF Tactical X-Ray is waiting to be your new tactical flashlight.

Here are the specs:

Brand: MF Tactical
Model: X-Ray
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree®
Emitter BIN: XP-G R5
Color BIN: Bright White
Total Emitters: 5
Battery Configurations: 2x 18650 or 3x 18650 protected rechargeable li-on batteries (sold separately).  Do NOT use CR-123A batteries.
Voltage Input: 7V – 13V
Switch Type: Heavy Duty Tactic Click Reverse Switch
Switch Location: Tail-cap
Modes: 5
Mode Memory: Circuitry Features Mode Memory – Learns, remembers and returns to last mode used.
Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Lo > Fast Strobe > SOS
Working Current: ≈0.85A
Brightness/Run Time per Charge w/3
3400mAh Ultra Capacity 18650 batteries: 
Approx. 3.3 hrs on high (1750 lumens); 4.6 hrs on medium (500 lumens); 13 hrs on low (150  lumens)
(All estimates are with three 3400mAh Ultra Capacity batteries)
Brightness/Run Time per Charge w/2
3400mAh Ultra Capacity 18650 batteries:
Approx. 2.2 hrs on high (1750 lumens); 3.1 hrs on medium (500 lumens); 8.7 hrs on low (150  lumens)
(All estimates are with two 3400mAh Ultra Capacity batteries)
Range: 200+ yards
Water Resistance Standard: IPX-7.  Protected against water penetration at depth up to 1 meter.
Lens: Hardened Mineral Glass
Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/SMO Nickel Electroplated Reflector
Weight (w/o batteries): 14.5 oz/410 grams
Length (with extra tube): 11.5 inches
Diameter at head: 2.2 inches
Diameter at body: 1.06 inch
Diameter at mounting pt: 0.875 inch


11 reviews for MF Tactical X-Ray Cree LED 1750 Lumens Max 5 Mode

  1. sookieyeye (verified owner)

    MF Tactical Flashlights are so under rated. The quality of this flashlight is absolutely 💯 percent perfection. Its super! Bright and made perfect to handle, if anyone is on the fence about buying a new light, m.f flashlights is buy far the best.

  2. Ford Guy (verified owner)

    I got an X-ray last year for Christmas, and I have to say this is an amazing flashlight. Brighter than I every could have hoped for and built as solid as a tank.

  3. Ramos (verified owner)

    It’s a really good flashlight I would recommend it if you work at night time or for hunting the batteries stay for long time if you choose the ultra capacity

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    The best flashlight I ever used. I have the X-ray flashlight. It’s super bright and durable. Appreciate the sleek design and excellent construction. The customer service was excellent – ordering was easy and all my questions were answered.

  5. Gary (verified owner)

    I had a Bigfoot messing with me and I needed a bright light. After looking at lots of flashlights on the web I chose the MF X-ray 1750. This is a professional flashlight and puts out a ultra white bright light. You can use the strobe feature and blind Bigfoot until you can get in the house. If you have several Bigfoots after you use the SOS mode and wait on the Cavalry to arrive. Don’t waste your money on those buy one for the price of two and get one free Chinese junk flashlights, put America to work and get yourself a MF X-ray. Bigfoot will hate you but you won’t be disappointed with the X-ray 1750

  6. Fred Stemper (verified owner)

    I wanted a bright flashlight that was a real tactical defense tool also. the xray does both – its obscenely bright and feels like a solid baton in my hand. I like quality tools, and the xray is very impressive. Used for over 2 hours last night and there is still juice in the batteries. Well worth the investment,

  7. Anthony V (verified owner)

    Ive had a 3300 powerstar for 3 years now and it is still the brightest and best light of everyone in my camping group. Just got an XRay because it is smaller and something I can carry on my belt with the belt holster accessory. Truly amazing how much white light this thing puts out. Build quality and design is just as top notch as the bigger powerstar, and definately more than enough light for walking around my large property at night. I am keeping my XRay in my glove box so I will have it with me if I ever get a flat or stuck in the mud. Next purchase will be a pro tango U2. Wife is going to get it for me for christmas. I will never buy a flashlight again unless its an MF. Thanks howard and creW

  8. Roland

    I am a power user of all things tactical, and a flashlight is an essential tool for me. I found out about MF from a guy I work with and was one of the first people to get their new stingray model. I have now found my flashlight company for life. The stingray is brighter than anything else I have ever used and still light enough to maneuver with. build quality is unbeatable and the light beam is perfect for my use in the pitch black night. I will be getting a CSI next for use in the house.

  9. StL John (verified owner)

    While on the phone with MF on another matter, the subject came up about the X-Ray’s performance for the money, and I ordered on the spot. Actually, I was thinking I had ordered the smaller Delta, so when I realized my mistake upon opening the package, considered returning it? But once taking it out of the box, realized it was a keeper. Actually prefer the compactness, balance of the 2 cell configuration, but have the extender and the 3rd battery for the max runtime option. The only change I would make is putting the switch on the barrel close to the head like it’s big brothers. Located where it is on the end necessitates a two-handed operation, which is not ideal for a tactical device. Otherwise an excellent light.

  10. Marty

    Holy crap this thing is bright. Good job Howard! Power star is stiil brighter, but this is light enough to carry on my belt every night. Thing is made like a tank and runs for hours on a charge. Will never own anything but Monsters!

  11. Big Al (verified owner)

    I love the new MF Tactical X-Ray light. It is smaller, lighter and easier to carry the previous lights of similar lumens. It is my “go to” flashlight now.

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