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The second generation MF Tactical StingRay with an electronically activated switch sets the new standard in power and quality for a mid-sized high power tactical flashlight.

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StingRay runs optimally on 3 18650 batteries, so you can choose a package with 3 or 6 Ultra Capacity batteries and the advanced 4-way AC/DC/USB VC4 LCD Charger. StingRay does not come with batteries or charger unless you add a package below.


After a lengthy research and development process focused on making the most advanced MF Tactical tactical flashlight ever, we are extremely proud of our second generation 4-mode MF Tactical Stingray. Like all of our flashlights, the Stingray is built out of solid military grade aluminum and is waterproof to IPX-7 standards.  This professional grade tactical LED flashlight was designed and built in the USA to the highest quality standards to insure years of reliable service.  The Stingray runs on 3 high voltage rechargeable 18650 li-ion batteries (sold separately) that enable this beauty’s 3 highly efficient Cree® XM-L T5 LED emitters to have the capability of an utterly astounding 2700 max lumens of pure white light. You also have the option of removing the 3rd battery tube and running your Stingray on just 2 batteries (with reduced runtime), which reduces your 13″ long flashlight to a more compact 10-1/2″ length if overall size is an issue.

During the design process of the MF Tactical Stingray, much of our engineering time was devoted to taking all of our experience and knowledge in building great tactical flashlights and designing the absolutely best switch for use on a high end flashlight such as the Stingray. Once you hold this flashlight in your hand and switch it on for the first time, you will agree that we have absolutely nailed it.  Inspired by the simple and intuitive switch found on the iPhone®, the new electronically actuated stainless steel switch on the Stingray is by far the finest we have ever designed and manufactured.  And function flows from design:  just press once to turn the light on high.  Then, simply hold down the switch to cycle through the medium and low modes and release when you have reached your desired mode. Switch to our blinding tactical instant access fast strobe mode from any other mode in an instant with a quick double-click of the button.  And since the Stingray has mode memory, it automatically returns to the last mode selected next time you turn it on.  It has by far the most useful and intuitive flashlight switch on the market anywhere (patent pending).

The 3 highly efficient Cree T5 emitters used on the Stingray are so efficient that we were able to engineer this flashlight to run for up to 3 hours on high on a full charge and an incredible 16 hours on low (using Ultra Capacity batteries). The thought and hard work that went into the MF Tactical Stingray has produced a tactical flashlight vastly superior to any competitor’s product in this price range.  We challenge you to find any flashlight sold by any of our competitors for less than $300 that has even half the power, quality and attention to detail of the Stingray.  You will not find anything that comes close, because the Stingray gives you more of everything that a professional user or just a plain old enthusiast (i.e., “flashlight freak”) wants without the $500+ price tag you might expect.


By integrating the anti-roll feature directly into the tail cap design, we were able to eliminate the need for a cumbersome protruding anti-roll ring. Plus, this sleeker design makes it easier to holster your MF Tactical Stingray in its accessory belt ring holster.  And what high end tactical flashlight would be complete without the protection and durability that you only get with hard military grade III annonization, which protects your professional grade light from wear and the elements. Finally, integrating an SMO or smooth reflector into the design of the Stingray ensures that you get both the benefit of a bright and tightly focused center beam combined with massive spill to light up wide areas in your path.

MF Tactical is a US company based in New Jersey that designs and builds high quality tactical LED flashlights that outperform and sell for less than inferior models offered by the larger flashlight manufacturers. Every MF Tactical flashlight comes with a full one year warranty (see Terms and Conditions for details) and the high level of personalized customer service that keeps our customers coming back year after year.

At only about 13″ in length and 1-1/2 lbs. in weight without batteries, the Stingray is an amazing powerhouse of a flashlight that will easily satisfy the needs of our devoted flashlight freak fans. The solid and incredibly well built flashlight body crowned with an aluminum “attack bezel” can serve as an effective tactial “deterrent” as well as an emergency glass breaker  Plus, by designing the bottom of the tail cap to be flat enough to “tail stand” the flashlight, your Stingray can also serve as a powerful room light in the event of a power outage.

Our newly designed electronically actuated switch is a masterpiece of engineering and the starring feature of the Stingray.
Our  electronically actuated switch is a masterpiece of engineering and the starring feature of the Stingray.
The Stingray comes to you packed safe and secure in a custom gift box.
The output of the Stingray is truly magnificent. The Stingray is the only source of light in this photo.

Here are the specs for the MF Tactical Stingray:

Brand: MF Tactical
Model: Stingray
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree
Emitter BIN: XM-L-T5
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 3
Battery Configurations: Powered by 2x or 3x 18650 protected li-ion rechargeable batteries (sold separately).
Voltage Input: 5~21V
Switch Type: Electronically Actuated Switch
Switch Location: Side
Modes: 4 Modes Controlled by main button
Mode Memory: Circuitry Features Mode Memory
Mode Arrangement: High, Medium. Low and Direct Access Fast Strobe
Working Current: 2.6 amp Total Output, Digitally Regulated
Brightness on Various Modes: 2700 lumens max on high
1000 lumens max on medium
450 lumens max on low

Approx. Run Times per Charge:


2.6 hrs on high
3 hrs on medium

15.75 hrs on low
(All times are with three 3400mAh Ultra Capacity batteries)
Range:  210+ yards
Water Resistance Standard: IPX-7.  Protected against water penetration at depth up to 1 meter.
Materials:  T6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Finish:  HA III military Grade Hard Anodized
Lens: Hardened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.  Comes with spare lens in box.
Reflector: Smooth Aluminum/SMO Reflector
Weight (w/o batteries): 1 lb, 8 oz
Length: 13.125” with 3rd battery tube; 10.375″ without
Diameter at head: 2.8”
Diameter at body: 1.0″
Diameter at mounting pt: 0.875”


12 reviews for MF Tactical StingRay – 2700 Lumens Max 4 Mode

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    I have had my Stingray for several years now. I go for exercise walks in a rural area in the predawn darkness. On high power this bad boy will throw a beam of light a mile down the road. It will literally turn night into day. A couple years ago I had a problem with it, I think it was the switch. I’m thinking great, it is certainly out of warranty. I contacted MF, they said pack it up and ship it to us. They fixed it at no charge to me. These people stand behind their products.

  2. Marty

    I lost my 5Q5-1200-5, so just replaced with the stingray. Man, this is a real step up in brightness! I cant believe how bright this thing is. Just used it for almost 2 hours nonstop, and the batteries still have charge. I am blown away by how good this flashlight is. These guys are the best, and I am a MF’er for life!

  3. Clay Wright

    Just got my new Stingray in the mail today after ordering only 2 DAYS ago! I am used to being disappointed after buying from a web site, but I must say that was not the case with my new stingray. Out of the box, I was amazed at how solidly built this thing is. The fit and finish is as good as I can imagine it can be. Tried it out in my dark basement, and its like a helicopter search light down there. Cant wait until sundown so I can light up the entire neighborhood. Good job MF. I will be back for more soon.

  4. murjel

    monster flash light are very very well made and iam planning on buying a stingray

  5. Jim Houston (verified owner)

    I’ve owned and still own a lot of flashlights. I am probably the ORIGINAL FLASHLIGHT FREAK!! But I just got my new Stingray 2700 lumen flashlight, and it is easily now the best and brightest flashlight that I have EVER owned. First off, the thing is a work of art. It looks and feels great in my hand and the electronic button is just like they say it is – easy to work and feels amazing in my hand. I have a deck in my back yard adn from the deck I was able to light up my kid’s tree house that is easily 75 yards away in the far corner of my back yard. Got their new 3.5 high capacity batteries and the digital D4 charger, and again the quality of everything is top flight. Do yourself a favor and forget about the Ultra**it advertised all over the internet. MF is the real deal and I am a customer for life now. The Stingray is just perfect (and worth every penny!!).

  6. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Received the Stingray earlier this week, and my first reaction after pulling it out of the box was “you can’t be serious.” The fit and finish of this flashlight is beyond impressive, and after spending most of my career in the metalworking business I have no clue how this level of heft, attention to detail, and machining perfection can be achieved at this price point. The metalwork alone on this light would point to a price north of $300, and that’s not including the LED’s, electronics or switch (which is awesome). I have two of the single-cell T6-1000’s that I’ve been very happy with, and this makes my 3rd Monster that I’m also very happy with. Make no mistake….this is a BIG flashlight. If you’re looking for something small and unobtrusive to clip on your belt, this is probably not the best choice. But if you want something that will light things up like daylight a couple hundred yards out, this is the tool for you.

  7. John S (verified owner)

    I purchase a String Ray from Howard as I work as a Graveyard Sergeant on a PD in Nevada. This light was awesome. It’s bright and the length of the barrel of the light is adjustable between two or three batteries. The only draw back is the switch which adjusts between the five different levels of intensity. It takes some time to get use to this feature. With that said, I was so impressed I decided to get a smaller light and ordered the PRO Tango T6 about three day later. This flashlight arrived and I was amazed at the punch in packs in such a small package. Both of these lights cost some change, but my safety and the safety of my officers is well worth it. Howard has made a new customer out of me!!!

  8. Bobby Mcghee (verified owner)

    Ordered my stingray on Friday afternoon and it was in my mailbox on monday, and I live in Florida. Talk about getting on the ball and mailing out in a hurry. These people at Monster go above and beyond the call of duty. When I got the light I was amazed at how bright it was . It will be mounted above my scope on my supressed Sig 308 sniper rifle. 300 yard shots at night will be a breeze with this light. We are being over run by coyotes here so this should help thin them out. Hate to kill anything but they are killing peoples pets and multiplying like crazy. Thanks monster for the great light and even better service.

  9. B. L. (verified owner)

    My brother recently tried out my new Stingray” tactical flash light. Was he ever impressed it’s better than having a strong 12 volt light. I talked to him today and he is really impressed with this light. I will be talking to my local PD to see what they think of these lights. So far I’ve tried these lights around this area and have seen game that I would never have seen with my former “mickey mouse” flash lights. Keep up the good work Monster Flashlight. Your lights have got to be the best I’ve ever used.

  10. B. L. (verified owner)

    I received my smooth reflector for my Sting Ray” flashlight yesterday. I took my flashlight out last night to try the new reflector out on this light. I was amazed what this light can do. I was really happy with this light with the original reflector I never realized what the smooth reflector could do with this light. Thanks for the quick delivery and providing me with a great light. When my friends see this flashlight I am sure they will putting in an order for one for themselves. You guys certainly carry great products for the money. Thanks again!

  11. Barry Loflin (verified owner)

    I Just received by new 1300 Lumen-Stingray flash light from Monster Flaslight. This light has to be the brightest light for the money on the market. Needless to say this light is awesome. I can’t wait to use it in the field. I also puchased the soft carrying case and strap (4) battery intellicharger and (3) very good batteries with this light. Monster Flashlight can solid deliver the goods. Many Thanks for this great product.

  12. Rob (verified owner)

    I just received my stingray flashlight that I ordered.Got it in 3 days from order. Very well made flashlight, Im no flashlight expert but I would say this is just as well made as surefire lights. Both monster and surefire lights are very well made flashlights, but look at the prices of the 2 companys. The only difference between the 2 companies that I can see is the life time warranty that surefire has and I think if Monster flashlights put that warranty on there lights they would sell boat loads more than they do now.I know alot of people bye a product and pay more just for the warranty.As far as lumens go for the stringray I do think that they are a little overrated at 1300 but thats no fault of monster flashlight as they are just putting on there what the company that makes the led emitter said it will do.Dont get me wrong this flashlight is very very bright,but I compared it to another flashlight I had rated at 200 lumens and the stingray was brighter but I did not see 1100 lumens brighter but remenber also Im no expert. I would bye again from monster flashlight and plan on it soon.VERY WELL MADE

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