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This is the 3-mode version of our most compact flashlight.  With high, low and strobe, it will give you all of the features you need in the smallest package possible.

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Among our very best high performance high energy flashlights from MF Tactical, this is the three mode version of our ultra compact MF Tactical flashlight.  The design challenge for our most compact MF Tactical flashlight was simple: create the absolute brightest possible flashlight in a body that is both small enough and light enough to use everyday as a keychain flashlight.  In the end, we have created a no-compromise tactical mini-flashlight that is small enough to stow in your pocket.   What good is it to own an amazingly bright flashlight unless you have it with you whenever the need may arise?  That’s why the key design feature of the R5-350-3C+ was something as simple as downsizing.  Yes, MF Tactical makes bigger and heavier and brighter flashlights, but for its size and weight, the R5-350-3C+ represents by far the brightest ultra compact light of its quality on the market anywhere!  The R5-350-3C+ starts with the bright and efficient R5 emitter by Cree, and then we build it into a compact and lightweight 4.02″ long anodized aircraft aluminum body with a high quality tail mounted on/off switch.

Q:  What’s changed with the new model?

A:   Our redesign has allowed us to increase the diameter of the reflector and extend the reflector depth by about 50%, resulting in significantly more reflector surface area without drastically changing the outer dimensions of the light.  We also now utilize a more power efficient main control board.  The result:  We have succeeded in getting even more light output from the R5 emitter while decreasing the light’s power consumption by half.  As a result, the R5-350-3C+ is now noticeably brighter than the previous model and with twice the run time of its predecessor.  In addition, our increase in efficiency and redesign of the body of the light has enabled us to eliminate the heat accumulation issue that made the predecessor model hot to the touch after more than 5 minutes of continuous usage.  Now, use you brighter R5-350-3C as long as you like and never worry about heat.

The latest change to this model was the addition of the +, which signifies that this light now, in a pinch, will operate on a standard AA battery.  Although not as bright as when running a 14500 li-ion battery, this added feature lets you operate in a power outage situation with standard AA off-the-shelf batteries if you are unable to recharge your li-ion battery.

The R5-350-3C+ is the 3-mode version of its sister model, the R5-350-1C+.  Its three modes are arranged as high, low and fast strobe, and this model also has memory circuitry that remembers and returns to the last mode used when you turn it back on.

We have designed and built a lot of flashlights in our day, but this is the tactical flashlight that Howard, THE Flashlight Freak personally carries in his pocket every day because the R5-350-3C+ guarantees that you will always have the right tool with you at the unexpected moment that you will need it the most.  It is the most practical, convenient and usable flashlight we have yet to develop, and it just happens to be small enough to use as a key-chain that easily fits in a front pants pocket.

While the price shown for the flashlight is without batteries, just check the box marked “Select Battery/Charger Package” when you put this light in your shopping cart, and you can choose from several packages made up of one or two rechargeable li-ion 14500 batteries and/or a charger.  We also offer a custom ballistic nylon holster.


Shown used as a key chain light (sorry, no Porsche is included with light)


A lot of work went into the design and development of the R5-350-3C+ to make it brighter and able to run on a standard AA battery.  After kicking the tires on our redesigned flashlight, we were quite satisfied by the improved level of real life performance we were able to get out of this little 4″ powerhouse.  All MF Tactical models have one common design theme: Maximum Quality and Maximum Efficiency designed into the flashlight to achieve the highest possible REAL WORLD brightness and performance.  Each MF Tactical flashlight will vastly outperform its segment competitors through intelligent and efficient design.

Here are the specs:

Model: MF Tactical R5-350-3C+
Features: XPE-WC-R5 LED emitter by Cree®
Battery: Powered by 1 x 14500 battery (sold separately) or 1x AA battery (at 40% of maximum brightness)
Voltage input range: 1.5~4.2V, 4.2V max
Three mode tailcap switch: high, low & strobe
Mode Memory: Remembers and returns to last mode used (after 6 sec memory period)
Brightness: 350 lumens maximum brightness
Output: 500 mA working current output digitally regulated driver circuitry
Runtime: Up to 1-1/2 hrs estimated run time on high; 6 hrs on low (with 800 mAh 14500 battery)
Materials: Anodized aircraft aluminum body.  Lens made of toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.
Waterproof Standard: IPX-7.  Protected against water penetration at depth up to 1 meter.
Dimensions: 4.02” (10.2 cm) long and 0.85” (2.2 cm) diameter
Weight (w/o battery): 2.00 oz (56.7 g)
Other: Carrying Strap Included


17 reviews for MF Tactical R5-350-3C+ Cree LED Compact Flashlight – 3 Mode

  1. Brad Allen

    Great little light. Perfect for every day carry.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Just received R5-350-3C flashlight and I love it. Perfect for EDC. The memory function allows me to set it on strobe so anytime I turn it on the strobe comes up first. No disrespect intended but to the individual who doesn’t read directions don’t trash a product you can’t use properly because you won’t read. I also bought the charger and two batteries. I made the right choice for me. Thanks.

  3. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I have one of these lights. It will lie in the drawer from now on, unused. I carried it in my pocket every day for about a month, using it daily at work, getting the mail out of the box in the dark, etcetera, until I couldn’t take it any more. Lights with a strobe function that I have to cycle through are useless. I can’t cycle through to the strobe in a tactical situation where I need it and adrenaline is turned up to 11. If I manage to hit the button without dropping the light I will probably cycle past the strobe. If you have never faced a stranger with a serious knife who has offered to kill you, don’t be sure you can quickly find the strobe when you need it. These lights irritate other people when I am discussing a detail with someone at work and I turn my light on to point to something or illuminate something, and it strobes in our faces. If I leave the light on for more than eight seconds it will be in the same mode when I turn it back on, but most of the time I just need three or four seconds. Then, if I don’t stand there waiting for the remainder of the eight seconds, it will strobe the next time I hit the button. That sounds petty, but don’t say it is reasonable unless you have done it 100 times. The size, reliability, brightness, the ability to use a AA cell in a pinch; everything about this light is perfect, except the strobe. I bought an R5-350-1C+, which is the same light, but without the low and strobe modes. I won’t be without one of those lights. I have given them to all the family members I like, a couple guys at work, and as a Dirty Santa gift. I have bought nine of the R5-350-1C+ to date. Both of these lights, the 3C+ and the 1C+ are the perfect size for my jeans pocket. It is amazing how often I use it, since it is always with me. But my 3C+ is going to last me forever because strobe mode sucks on any light with a cycle-through mechanism, and on any light used for everyday work. I cannot recommend the 1C+ highly enough.

  4. StL John (verified owner)

    The R5-350 3C+ is an excellent entry level choice into the MF Tactical product line. While I own several of the more powerful lights, due to its compact size and light weight this one stays in my day pack, and goes wherever I go. The rechargeable battery lasts a good while, and MF’s tech dept. advises to top them off once a month to maintain optimum performance.

  5. rough.joseph (verified owner)

    My wife confiscated this light from me… so I’m back for another. I have also had another custom “Monster” for years without issue! Thanks again Howard for the quality and service(I had an issue with my first light, and Howard contacted me immediately with a solution, it was a simple battery connection issue. I am also picking up a Tango for work!

  6. Gary lantinen (verified owner)

    I have 3 lights very good quality they seem to last forever on a charge…great batteries although the chargers are not the same quality…I would love to see a lightweight headlamp by “monsterflashlight.com” a great company that you can actually call and talk to a human…

  7. Aaron Yoder (verified owner)

    Your flashlights are the best. I just can’t get over how much light this little R5-350-3C+ puts out. I am telling my friends about them and they are also buying these little monsters.

  8. Shedrick Abercrombie

    I’ve lost tract of how many MF flashlights I’ve purchased,but I wish you would make the clip inclose the whole body of the flashlight so I don’t lose them so fast.I won’t buy any other brand regardless.

  9. marie

    I am a small flashite freak, I bought a small cheap LED flashlight. I love just small flashlites now./ this one is the coolest and I almost blinded a friend w/how bright this little terror is. It’s small, it is about 18 inches. the lites are on the side, running with 6 lites. it is so nice for the purse, a guys pocket. great for kids, grandma’s, wives, etc. I bought mine at a S.A gas station. I can’t find any more. if u can help, let me know.

  10. John

    Well made flashlight! Love it! I will be telling others about these lights.

  11. Casey Nethercott

    Monster flashlight has been very helpful in my quest for the ultimate light. Thanks guys casey

  12. C. Cody

    I’ve had my R5-350-3C+ for about three months now. I LOVE IT. I use it almost every day. I’m so glad I didn’t get another mag.

  13. Coyscout

    Everyone hopes for a quality tactical flashlight. It seems Monster Flashlight.com sets the benchmark. Hoping they’ll also generate some monster discounts in the near future which will generate huge consumer sales in a depressive economy. So let’s Go Monster!!

  14. Tom Wyant

    Placed my order a few days ago for my new AR-15. Excellent communication, via email by Stag, regarding my questions! Now if I can just get my order! Class act organization thus far

  15. Archie Dorrough

    Nice shopping site, looking to replace our MinimagLEDAAs, Monster is a bit more money, but may give them a try.

  16. Corey

    I have not bought one of these lights yet but I am doing an internship with a Police department and some of the officers have them. I was extremely impressed by the amount of light these have doing 2am park checks and needing a good flashlight. I will be buying one soon.

  17. Edward J. Greene

    I just wanted to say, that I purchased your R5-320-1″ flashlight almost 1 year ago. I use it all the time and I can not kill this flashlight. It keeps on working and takes a beating. There is no need to spend lots of money on other brands. In a life or death situation I can count on your flash lights.

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