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This is the 3rd generation PowerStar and the brightest flashlight ever built by MF Tactical.  This is a state-of-the-art high intensity rechargeable LED flashlight and likely the brightest flashlight you have ever seen.

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After a detailed redesign process, MF Tactical has introduced the updated PowerStar, version 3.0.  A total redesign of our most powerful, flagship tactical flashlight doesn’t happen often and is always a big deal.  This flashlight represents quite simply the most advanced, most powerful and brightest LED flashlight available anywhere, period!  Our goal in redesigning the PowerStar was not only to make it even brighter than ever before thought possible, but to improve its usability, feel and ease of use at the same time.  If we don’t say so ourselves, we think we have really hit it out of the park with the new PowerStar v.3!  The PowerStar is today more than ever the envy and desire of every Flashlight Freak who wants the baddest and brightest flashlight on the market along with the knowledge that their ultimate flashlight is also built from the finest materials and to the highest possible quality standards.

The MF Tactical PowerStar’s circuitry now incorporates top-of-the-line Cree® XM-L2-U3 LED technology, and PowerStar v.3 now includes a total of four LED emitters.  This marks a huge advance over the previous PowerStar’s three U2 emitters, and the new design achieves a maximum output of what was until just recently an unimaginable 4800 lumens.  Continuing advances in state-of-the-art LED emitters by Cree® have allowed us to take our new design several steps higher than our previous model’s already impressive levels of power and efficiency.  As a result, we have succeeded in making the PowerStar v.3 over a third brighter than its predecessor while keeping it from overheating like most of the imported flashlights on the market that try to achieve extreme performance levels. As before, the PowerStar has a total of five tactical modes: high, medium, low, SOS plus an improved, easier to operate version of MF Tactical‘s exclusive direct access fast strobe mode.

Next on our list of improvements is an all new, watertight electronically actuated switch that provides the PowerStar with not only with an improved tactile feel and ease of use, but with an intrinsic feel of quality that any flashlight freak would expect from a lighting instrument with the high level of engineering and depth of design of the PowerStar.  The button is located just where you would want it on any 13″ long flashlight – at the top of the light where your thumb comes to rest.  The all aluminum switch is designed to be easily found by touch in the dark, so your thumb will intuitively find the switch, even in a high stress situation.  A single click of the button turns the light on, and another click turns it off.  Mode memory remembers what mode you were last using, and the PowerStar automatically remembers and returns to the last mode used each time you power it up.  To access high, medium, low or SOS modes, just press and hold the button until the desired mode is selected.  To access the PowerStar’s direct access fast strobe mode, simply double click the button while the light is on, and you are instantly flooding your victim with the most blinding and disorienting strobe light you can imagine.  The PowerStar’s electronic switch is simple, intuitive and reliable.

In addition to its incredibly solid feel that comes from milling the PowerStar from heavy gauge, solid aircraft aluminum, the PowerStar is finished with the highest Level HA III military grade hard anodization process. Like the fine paint of a luxury automobile, the PowerStar’s premium anodized aluminum hard finish resists wear, chipping and scratching so that it will look as good as it performs for many years to come.  Lastly, its beautiful brushed aluminum “attack” bezel gives its leading edge an incredibly hard surface that can be used to break glass and assist you in meeting your close-in self defense needs (but please be careful out there, Rambo).

The PowerStar meets IPX-7 standards for waterproofing, so its safe to use in the rain and under water at a depth up to 1 meter.  For carrying your PowerStar with ease, we also offer as an optional accessory a comfortable rubber-backed shoulder strap with rugged aluminum mounting hardware and anti-kinking swivel mounts.

As many of our earlier customers already know, MF Tactical was established by an admitted flashlight freak (flashlitious freakopotimus) when he became an EMT and volunteered for his local 1st aid squad.  MF Tactical was built around the idea that an American company could design and build its own flashlights and offer its customers the very best in state-of-the-art LED technology with an emphasis on ultra high performance, the best engineered components and the highest build quality.  We build these amazing flashlights and sell them to professionals, enthusiasts and everyday flashlight users at reasonable prices.  Combine that with lightning fast shipping and caring and knowledgeable customer service, and you can see what MF Tactical is all about.

A frequent complaint we hear from many of our customers relates to the cost, both in terms of dollars and to the environment, of using disposable batteries.  To address both of these issues, the PowerStar, along with all of MF Tactical‘s other models use high voltage, high capacity rechargeable li-ion batteries (high voltage batteries are one of the secrets of extremely bright flashlights).  Over the course of the lifetime of a rechargeable battery, not only does the user save an enormous amount of money by recharging and reusing, but he also prevents countless disposable batteries from clogging America’s landfills.

The PowerStar was built to run on either two or three rechargeable 3.7v, 3.5 amp 18650 batteries with protection circuits.  While the price shown above for the flashlight is without batteries, just use the “Select Battery/Charger Package” option menu when you put this light in your cart, and you can choose a package made up of one or two sets (3 batteries per set) of our high quality 3.7v 3400mAh rechargeable li-ion 18650 Ultra Capacity batteries and an XTAR AC/DC/USB intelligent charger with a high tech LCD screen.

PowerStar shown with optional shoulder strap.



PowerStar with shipping box (batteries sold separately).


Packaged for transit in the foam insulation inside the beautiful color box that your light ships in is a spare extra toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating lens for your PowerStar (just in case of a mishap with your original lens).  For easy carrying, add our optional 1-1/2″ wide top quality camera style shoulder strap with swivel mounts that can clip onto your light so you can hang it over your shoulder for easy carrying.  If  you should wish to reduce your PowerStar’s length and weight, you can remove the included 3rd battery extension tube and run the light on only 2 18650 batteries.  But for maximum performance, leave the extra tube in place, install 3 batteries and be prepared to light up the night.

The Cree® brand U3 emitters in the PowerStar are rated by their manufacturer to last 100,000 hours.  In addition, every MF Tactical flashlight sold on our web site comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.  If your light should fail during that time, it will be repaired or replaced at our cost so long as it is not misused or abused.

Here are the specs:

Brand: MF Tactical
Model: PowerStar
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree®
Emitter BIN: XM-L2-U3
Color BIN: Bright White
Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Finish: HA III Military grade hard anodized
Battery Configurations: 2 x 18650 or 3 x 18650 protected rechargeable li-on batteries (sold separately) with 3.5A PCB.  Light will also operate on 6x 3v CR-123A batteries with 3.5A PCB.
Voltage Input: 7.2v – 25.2v
Switch Type: Water Tight Electronic Switch with Direct Access Strobe.
Switch Location: Top/Side
Modes: 5
Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Lo > SOS. Double click button for direct access fast strobe.
Maximum Operating Current: 2.5 Amps
Brightness/Max Run Time per Charge with 3 3400mAh Ultra Capacity 18650 batteries:  Approx 1.6 hrs on high (4800 lumens); 4 hrs on med (2400 lumens); 13 hrs on low (240 lumens).
Brightness/Max Run Time per Charge with 2 3400mAh Ultra Capacity 18650 batteries:   Approx 2.6 hrs on high (2900 lumens); 5.9 hrs on med (1500 lumens); 20 hrs on low (150 lumens).
Maximum Range: 250+ yards
Water Resistance Standard: IPX-7.  Protected against water penetration at depth up to 1 meter.
Lens: Hardened Ultra-Clear Mineral Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating
Reflector: Aluminum Smooth Reflective Surface (SMO)
Weight (w/o batteries): 1 lb. 10.4 oz/748 grams
Length (with 3rd battery tube): 13.625 inches
Length (without 3rd battery tube): 10.625 inches
Diameter at head: 2.95 inches
Handle Diameter: 1.14 inch


51 reviews for MF Tactical PowerStar – 4800 Lumens Max 5 Mode

  1. Art (verified owner)

    Now that I’ve had my PowerStar for almost two years, I am still just as happy with it as the day it arrived. I bought two sets of batteries at purchase time and rotate them every few months.
    The light is still blinding and very dependable. I get a kick out of showing it off to my friends who can’t believe the brightness.

  2. Fill Baccari (verified owner)

    I just bought the power star 4800 after a phone call with an employee tonight.
    I can’t believe that they returned my phone call 5 minutes after I called them at 10pm!!!! If this level of customer service is anything like there product I’ll be a loyal customer for life.
    Fill Baccari
    US Army Veteran

  3. Nancy (verified owner)

    I love my 4800 lumen flashlight still! It’s been 2 years now, works like a charm. I have one charger and 2 sets of batteries. Cheap in the long run compared to battery and flashlight costs. This light is so sturdy and dependable. I discovered a trick when the batteries die , I can turn it on again and quickly hold the power button to change to a lower brightness (there are 3 settings) and it will last that way for s good long while. So I am never caught without light. I bought second one with charger and 2 sets of batteries for my house up north. No alligators there, but we have coyotes. It’s a jungle out there if you have a small dog!

  4. Pete Bernard (verified owner)

    I have bought many flashlights over the years, and this one’s very different. Super quality and not prone to overheating. Beam is wide and bright and doesn’t fade when on for long periods. Very impressed with my new monster.

  5. Bill (verified owner)

    I put off the purchase of my Power Star due to price and like all other reviews you can not get a better flash light. I’ve been a police officer for 16 years and this should be standard issue. Worth every penny. Even if you have to take out a small loan this light will be the only light you will ever need. Great quality.

  6. Nancy (verified owner)

    We live in Florida and walk the dog at dusk, nighttime and dawn, when alligators are lurking hoping for their favorite meal, dog. We’ve tried all kinds of flashlights but none made me feel safe. The light was either too dim, too concentrated on one spot, or too quick to run out of batteries so therefore too expensive. I looked around the internet and found the monster flashlight 4800 lumens. Too good to be true? Well it turns out the answer is no. This flashlight is unbelievable. It’s light a high beam headlight on full power. And just as wide sweeping. I can see both sides of the street at once, and all the way up the street. I now have plenty of warning of anything lurking. The batteries are rechargeable, so I bought 2 sets and a charger so when one set dies, I pop in the other and plug in the charger with the dead batteries. Works like a charm for a year now. At first I thought, I could never spend this much on a flashlight, but now I want a few more! And it’s the perfect weapon if you need it with its weight, but somehow it is comfortable to carry with its shoulder strap. Be sure to charge the batteries when they arrive. When they get low, the light turns on, but turns right off again. If your flashlight is indispensable, good idea to carry the extra set of batteries and a mini light. You don’t get much warning when the batteries get low. No dimming of the light or anything. It stays full power until the batteries are dead, which can be a good thing as long as you know that. I never go out in the dark without this flashlight. Be sure to lower it if a car comes the other way, it is that bright. And don’t point at anyone directly, it’s uncomfortable. This is the best thing since sliced bread.

  7. Brian Ardoin

    this light simply meets all the needs that u would need…its the brightest its easy to handle an its made in the U.S.A so this light is a bad mother fuc#er…I have tried other light that even say there a like 2000 lum. but the never r and no way near as bright as this light..i bring it night fishing with me an I can light up the hole dam lake..i give this light 5 stars. I would recommend this to any one

  8. Andrew T. (verified owner)

    I have had my Powerstar for a month now and after living with it every night on my job as a security manager for a large automotive dealer, I am here to report that this is truly the real deal. Shopping for a tac light is a nightmare because there are so many BS claims out there. After doing a lot of research and admittedly buying too many bargain basement china specials, I can honestly state that MF is everything their advertising claims. Incredible build quality, fit and finish and the absolute brightest and whitest light I have ever seen from a flashlight. the 3400 Ultra batteries are real grade A quality and work great. I have the holster, and would feel naked without having my bad ass Powerstar on my side as I walk the property grounds every night. Going to get a couple Bravos next for the cars and nightstands, and I can also use the Powerstar’s VC4 charger for the smaller lights that use the same 18650 batteries. Proud to buy American and so glad I found Howard and the flashlight freaks!

  9. art (verified owner)

    Just received my new PowerStar in the mail yesterday. I charged the batteries and could barely wait for darkness to arrive.
    When I experimented with it last night I was totally impressed. Being in the Property & Security Management field for a multitude of Bank Branches, My new PowerStar will make me feel much safer when my security folks call me out to look at a problem late at night. It and my 9mm will become a good team.

  10. Johnny M (verified owner)

    Bought two POWERSTAR flashlights…one for a friend’s Christmas and one for my wife. Ordering two more today for other friends. Our place has heavy tree cover as well as tall grass…this light is the most impressive night time vision system we’ve ever seen. Such a small light brings dark into daylight. With the extension and 3 batteries it is easy to carry with the shoulder sling…everything an outdoorsman ever needed…Thanks for exceeding our expectations in the lighting world.

  11. cruisin_682002

    A Post Script ( PS) on my review is…. that being 67 years old, I need all the help I can get when it comes to being able to see in the night, and I forgot to mention that this company stands well with their support and products ! Best Ever Flashlight I have purchased for ” Lighting up the Night” !!!!!! Don

  12. cruisin_682002

    I purchased the MF Tactical Power Star “Flashlight” and was Very apprehensive about paying alot of money for …. just a Flashlight .. I live in the woods over a half mile from the highway on a hill and there are no outdoor lights. I have all kinds of animals that come in my front yard day and night from bear,elk,deer,cougar,bobcat,coyotes,etc. I like to know at night what kind of critters are passing though and did a bunch of research on various types/brands of flashlights and called even to talk with the boss about my concerns of this particular flashlight being bright and strong enough for my needs. The guy told me that things would be just fine. OK, I bought this MF Tactical Star Flashlight last year in February 2016 at $358.00 or so and let me tell ya folks, I have NO complaints what so ever !!! This Flashlight lights up the night at a good 400 yards Plus to identify any animals that I put the beam on ! I am EXTREMELY, VERY EXTREMELY Satisfied that I purchased this Flashlight even though it was a LOT of money for me to put out ! If you are in question about the capabilities of this unit’s performance, Have NO Fears in getting the BEST for your money ! Now this flashlight is $100.00 less expensive than when I bought it, believe me … Money well spent and once again, I am Completely Satisfied and Happy I bought it ! As of last February 2016, I have had NO troubles with this Flashlight what so ever as it is Very Durable,Strong, Well built, and is a Great performer when it comes to ” lighting up the night” !!!!! Hands down a complete no brainer, this Flashlight is a Very Worth while investment !!!!! Don

  13. Josh C

    After reading the reviews the PowerStar sounds like my top choice. At 4800 lumens I imagine I can cook with it as well. Only one thing that worries me when I’m about to spend so much hard earned money on a flashlight. Most of these reviews seem to be written by the same writer. Maybe it’s just the detective in me digging too deep. Either way if it lives up to my expectations, which I believe it will you will have a customer for life! 🇺🇸 Merica!!!

  14. Alton Rowell

    I am 62 years old , and my powerstar has found more missing items. Or items I have misplaced. I think this light would be a great CSI light. Their is no telling how much is over looked at a crime scene. I would think even the smallest item should be marked and baged. Never can tell if a very small object could solve a crime. Their is one thing for sure if look into a powerstar, for a while u can’t see. It’s the best light I have ever took pozesion off.
    Closest thing to on ing the sun.

  15. Nick (verified owner)

    I just took delivery of the big gun Powerstar 4800 a few days back. Had to charge up the batteries before I lit it up. I have owned a Maglite rechargeable for 20 plus years & loved it dearly. That was until I pushed the ‘go’ button on the 4800. Blows the Maglite AWAY. No comparison. Instant crisp white daylight with no sign of incandescent yellow. Standing in my backyard, I can light up the house across the street, about 100 yards away. And I do mean light up. Very impressive light. This is not a light for amateurs, as it is geared more for the pro. Yes, it’s expensive for a flashlight, but any tool for quality usually is. Well worth the investment.

  16. Alton Rowell

    They do stand behind their flishlights.

    In this day in time , with crime being at it is it helps to have a light that will not only disorientate but illuminate a intruder that comes into your house unarmed or at least a pears to be unarmed . A powerful light will shining in the face of a intruder not only takes away their sight but gives u time to evaluate the situation. This buys u time to call 911 , describe the entruder , tell them what he is wearing , his skin collor. I am in total agreement with self defence. But once u take a persons life theirs no turning back. What’s done is done and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. If you’re someone who just has to drink are you use drugs. My suggestion would be to stay with your friend over night until you sober up.

  17. WALTER (verified owner)


  18. regbaf (verified owner)

    This flashlight is quality-made and has been designed with attention to every detail. The company that makes and supports this product has also proven to be of equal quality. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you have to pay “an arm and a leg (and a head!)” to get this quality. What Howard says about the flashlight industry is absolutely right-on. The few “high priests” that post otherwise in some of the forums that I read hadn’t actually tried anything from the company, from what I could tell. I have three (soon to be four) flashlights from Howard and they’re all performing just like new.
    As far as the PowerStar, the flashlight freak in me says “you can never have too bright of a flashlight”, but “medium” from this beast is good for almost everything (particularly for finding things, as someone mentioned). But, it’s nice to have the reserve power at the ready, just in case. I can’t imagine anyone being able to withstand the high-power strobe that this thing can output. I’ve tried it on myself as a reflection from an ordinary white painted wall and THAT was too much for me. I’m afraid to try a direct look after experiencing the effect of just the wall reflection. And, if you ever need to signal for help, the extra power of “high” will definitely come in handy. Not too mention that, while the “high” run time is good, the “medium” run time is even better and is a bright as most other flashlights’ “high” setting.
    The other VERY economical thing about these flashlights is the rechargeable batteries that they use, which I also purchased from this company. I’m still on my original six, alternating between two sets of three, so I always have a charged set ready to go. I also went for the LCD display automatic charger and it’s definitely worth the one-time extra cost at the beginning, as it will work for any other flashlight that you may buy.
    What can I say, other than: You won’t be sorry buying the PowerStar. If you can’t do the PowerStar, go for the StingRay or the new Xray. I’ve had the StingRay for over a year now and it’s just like new (with the extra mineral lens still waiting to be used) and am ordering the Xray now (to add to my collection and for a lighter form factor).
    I’m just a retiree, but I always like to see the “good guys” succeed, as too many people just comment when something goes wrong. This company is also NOT one of your giant global conglomerates as well, so it’s good to see a US-based company do well with “real quality” in their products.

  19. Alec

    I got this flashlight back 7 months ago and i must say by far the best flashlight i have ever used. Have used it for working on my car, its great for that. I also wanted to see a flash light that could cover distance and you could easlly light something up 500 meters away, see it clear as day. Very very bright! Also i wanted to mention my friends and co workers call this thing the boom stick because it could be used as one if needed haha Thanks mf tact!

  20. Alton Rowell

    I’m so sick of reading that crock and bull on the internet about that military grade x 700 and x 800 I could puke. The truth be known the military probably has something we never have seen and with more lumens enough to burn out a person’s eyes. But it would probably cost the average person a arm and a leg. Yes there always is a brighter light. I saw on the internet one for $1,500. 8000 lumanuns. You have to have a battery pack on your side to even use it. Takes two hands to hold it up. Talking about ridiculous ,this is the ultimate in stupidity the 4800 powerstar has got them all put to shame. Yes the military probably has a light that uses Laser Technology and God only knows how much the thing will cost. These House of flashlight Chinese sellers have turned the house of flashlights into a den of Thieves. It will be a while before I buy the 4800 powerstar and I intend to do it. But the way my Monster Flashlight is progressing maybe next year they will come out with a 5500 lminum flashlight. For the money and the durability this company seems to be on a roll. Kind of like making it possible for the average person to own something of high-power and good quality.

  21. Alton Rowell

    Looking at all the flashlights on the internet. I realize better flashlight has to have certain traits to make it a high-quality piece of equipment. For one thing it has to have a mode that will allow a long-running time with a fairly good amount of light. Another factor in the equation is a light that has a very powerful output mode that will light up the whole world. Mix it has to be made very durable and have a high quality finish on it. It also needs to have it at least SOS strobe high medium and low. Be waterproof to at least three feet. Shockproof able to break out a car side window. And not be so big that it cannot be carried around at all. It helps to have a light or purchase a light that has a reasonable price. A light that uses three batteries that are rechargeable one can always buy a battery pouch to carry extra batteries. So far I have found for the price and the options the powerstar is the best value and most powerful light for the money you can buy.

  22. Wayne Brannon

    Thinking about getting this bad boy.

  23. Alton Rowell

    This light reminds me of a chapter in the Bible. Then GOD said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And GOD saw that the light was good. Then he separated the light from the darkness. GOD called the light “day” and the darkness “night”.
    If u all ways wonted a flashlight built like a tank. But looks and Handel’s like a work of art. Even down to the strap that comes with it. The MF Powerstar is your next light. Boy it separates night into day.

  24. Kyle L

    This a massive flashlight. I picked it up for my mother for two reasons. She takes two wiener dogs outside to potty. It’s a super bright light and heavy enough to fend off an animal attack, coyotes. Mom is a tough woman. The light illuminates at least 600 feet of our back yard. The batteries last a week before needing a recharge, always used on high. I highly recommend this light.

  25. Alton Rowell

    Sure would like to buy the tango u2 from MF. The POWERSTAR is a power house.
    On low it’s looks like it’s tows 600-700 lumens. More than enough for night jobs.
    Med,high,for ?. Strobe for blinding or confusing a person . But this is my best light. I got more lights than kalogs got corn flakes. Still like to have that tango u2.

  26. Robert L

    The POWERSTAR is an extremely well made powerhouse of a flashlight. I have been using a 1300 lumen STINGRAY for three years, and the difference is pretty amazing. The STINGRAY was great, but the POWERSTAR is a step above. The only complaint I have is that the POWERSTAR has a good bit more heft to it, but it’s worth carrying the extra weight. I definitely like the new switch over the STINGRAY’s. My STINGRAY had a black rubber button which was hard to find sometimes. It also had an annoying delay when you activated the switch. The POWERSTAR has neither of those weaknesses. The new button on the POWERSTAR is a big improvement. (The new STINGRAYs may have corrected those problems.) I’ve researched a lot of lights, and this one has them beat in my opinion.

  27. sammye95

    MAN! This MF Tactical PowerStar flashlight is the “Cats Meow”! Never seen anything like it in my live. I do own some nice military grade units, but nothing compares to the superior all around quality of the MF product. I am now a proud owner of the finest flashlight available. I do feel sorry for the home intruder. Thank-you for your superior product and VERY prompt shipping service.

  28. Kelli Kane

    This company delivers SUPERIOR customer service, as well as product. I purchased the Power Star flashlight for my fiancée. Howard answered all my questions, which were probably rather silly, as I knew nothing about flashlights, with kindness, and even agreed to extend the allotted time period for return, as this was a birthday gift, so my fiancée wouldn’t be trying it out until then. Product was shipped immediately. Andy LOVES his new flashlight, and doesn’t go anywhere without it! Thank you, Monsterflashlight! Thank you, Howard!!!

  29. Keith Patterson

    Holy [email protected]#%&*t this is a bright flashlight. I am a patrol officer in LA, and this is definitely the brightest flashlight I have ever seen. MF Tactical also has their act together – they shipped my light 90 minutes after I placed my order on a Wed, and I had the light in my hands that Friday. Build quality is second to none and these are well made 18650 batteries. With the belt holster, I plan to have this with me and use it on every night traffic stop I make. It lights up the back of a car on a stop BETTER than my patrol car’s mounted search light. I recommend these guys and this light, and I will be back for a pocket light. That CSI looks perfect to keep in my personal car glove compartment. Good work from an American company. Doesn’t get any better than this.

  30. Stephen Sines

    I do not have this model but I wanted to comment on the original version of it. It is now well over 5 yrs old and still functions great. Unbelievably the current batteries are almost that old and maintain a charge almost as long as when new. It is used every night when taking the dogs out and I feel safer from local bears with the bright light and as a weapon. With 2300 lumens I don’t really need this light but I sure want it and would recommend this company.

  31. Steve B

    I just receive my powerstar yesterday after charging the batteries I can tell you its not only a quality piece of equipment, but the light it throws is absolutely amazing.

    This is my third MF tactical flashlight and I can tell you they stand behind their products and their customer service is second to none.

  32. plana0

    Wow. Great flashlight and even better customer service. I e mailed with a question and not only did you answer fast, you called me on the phone. Keep up the great work.

  33. David Allen

    As I strapped on my Zenith Tourbillon Titanium watch, I noticed the day was getting away from me and I still had places to go. I clicked the “Place Order” button for my new MF Tactical PowerStar-Cree 3xU2 3300 Lumens Max 5 Mode flashlight and, before I could find the keys to my Humvee, there was the delivery man at the door. Unbelievable! I quickly unboxed the PowerStar with all the available accessories. The holster slid onto my belt nicely and I was off to the rest of my day. Initially, I was skeptical of the PowerStar’s reputation and thought it may be a bit pricey for a simple flashlight. As I would soon discover, this is no ordinary “flashlight” and $350 is pennies-on-the-dollar for what they should be charging.
    My first stop was COMIC-CON 2014. While I was not in some goofy costume (mine is cool!) a lot of dorks were… There were, literally, hundreds of Star Wars fanatics sporting everything from Anakin to Luke Skywalker to Sith Lord outfits and they ALL had a light saber. At some point, an “Anakin” and a “Sith” began to simulate a fight in the lobby of the convention center. I pulled out my PowerStar just for fun. This is when I accidentally hit the “high” setting and completely sliced through a concrete pillar. The posers quickly scattered and cleared the room. The hardcore Star Wars fans bravely remained and actually surrounded me offering $1,000 + if I would sell them my PowerStar on the spot! Nothin’ doin’! It was obvious that the MF Tactical PowerStar-Cree 3xU2 3300 Lumens Max 5 Mode and I were now “one”.
    As I attempted to make my escape from the now delirious super-fans, I found my Humvee surrounded by them. If I were going to make it out of there I would have to think fast and act faster. That’s when I remembered the PowerStar’s tactical strobe feature. I quickly double-tapped it’s brand new, well-engineered, all aluminum watertight switch. In seconds, more than 200 nerds were flopping around on the ground and vomiting on each other in an uncontrollable state of seizure! Amazing…
    On the way home I stopped at a convenience store. A group of hoods hanging around the dumpster took notice of me and my ride as I put it “park”. This time, however, I never even had to draw my PowerStar. I simply pulled my jacket back just enough for them to see the handle and its extension tube of high quality 3.7v 3.5 amp rechargeable li-ion 18650 batteries. Almost in unison, they each gave me a nod and a “whuzzup”… that’s right, boys; you don’t want none of this.
    As I turned off the paved highway into a very nondescript direction toward my bunker/lair in the wilderness, there was a “BANG” followed by that stomach turning hiss we all hate to hear. I got out of the Humvee to confirm I had blown the right rear tire. I had a spare and a tire tool but had loaned the jack to my sidekick, Cato. What to do… I pulled my trusty PowerStar from its stylish, yet functional, holster. Just under the rear bumper of the truck, the top of a large rock was showing through surface of the ground. I plunged the butt-end of the handle’s premium aircraft aluminum with the highest Level HA III military grade hard annonization deep into the stone. I pushed the button and stood by, amazed and mystified, as the “low” mode beam raised the monster off-road vehicle just high enough off the ground for me to change the tire.
    As I sit here at my computer reviewing this product and recalling the events of the evening; it occurs to me that if one is good, two must be better. At this bargain price, I once again click “place order”.

  34. William Pelletier

    I have purchased three flashlights from Monster Flashlight or MF Tactical. The Victor T6, the 5Q5 -1200, and the Power Star 3300. I have given good reviews before, and I had not had a chance to compare their so called competitors. I have held and looked at and operated three or four of their so called competitors flashlights since I purchased my MF Tactical flashlights. There are no competitors. Period.

  35. Marc Shafer

    I bought the Power Star and did not have the highest of expectations…but My God…this thing is beyond awesome. We live in the woods and I can jacklight a deer at 75 yards. The deer will not move. This flashlight is perfect if you have a broad, dark area as its radii is remarkable. The batteries last for months before they need to be recharged and it is no joke as a self-defense weapon. I am not talking about slugging someone (though this would knock them out) but you shine this in someone’s eyes and they are not going anywhere soon. It is painfully bright to the human eye. Howard, you are a genius.

  36. Pierre

    I have been using my power star flashlight since July, it has been moose hunting, deer hunting and i nearly took down a flock of geese one night late this summer, no kidding, I guess I blinded their dark adapted eyes and they began to fly into each other and their synched sqwack’s became disorderly and panicked…….funny but nor recommended. I recommend this product to anyone who needs high power and does not care much about size and weight. Pierre B.

  37. Jeremy G

    I’m a tough critic & very educated on them. Recieved my MF PowerStar 3300 Max Lumens two weeks ago & it’s probably the Best flashlight in my collection & definately the brightest one on High power. If great performance continues after having it a while it will be THE BEST flashlight I own. On High at 3300 lumens it’s AMAZING

  38. Wayne

    I have bought 4 of your flashlights including the ridiculously amazing powerstar. All I ask is that you don’t make anymore improvements, as I have no more excuses to give the wife for why I would need another flashlight. Being a certified flashlight freak myself and having searched high and low, nobody comes close…thanks guys

  39. Chris Fortin

    I searched all around the internet for unbiased reviews on Tactical High Intensity Flashlights worthy of claimed lasting performance. It wasn’t until I found reviews on your company that garnered my serious interest. Being a flashlight collector myself and owning one tactical flashlight hardly worthy of praise with anything you people retail is just insanely awesome. That said; Model #PowerStar Our Brightest Flashlight MF Tactical 3xU2 Tactical LED 3300 Lumens Max – 5 Mode. I’ll be purchasing a few of your flashlights in the near future.

  40. Tim Green

    I work nights as a maintenace electrician. After trying many LED tactical flashlights I decided to try the Powerstar Tactical flashlight. This flashlight is nothing short of AWESOME. The beam shines very far and is extremely bright, the light is almost as bright as the headlights of my truck. I love using it at home and work. Thanks!!

  41. jeubanks

    I work in a coal mine and the gen 1 powerstar lights it up. on the weekends I mount it on a rc robot that goes bout 30mph and is activated by servo. good lightshow. I just bought gen 2 and lookout Halloween. gonna b a good show. thx mf

  42. Mike

    Ordered the MF Tactical PowerStar on 6/27, received it on 6/28, although it was shipped in state, the delivery time was impressive and that can only be attributed to what must have been almost immediate shipping upon receipt of order. As for the flashlight, WOW! Where to begin, bright is an understatement, this flashlight is equivalent to owning your own personal sun…construction seems to be solid, and surprisingly I was expecting the flashlight to be somewhat unbalanced, not so, beautifully balanced for such a large flashlight. I can see why it’s a flagship model, as for price, it ain’t cheap, but for what you get, I couldn’t help thinking this product is undervalued and priced low…hopefully no one at Monster is reading this…at least until after I purchase another one, which I’m planning to do. I love my Maglites, but Monster Flashlight is the cutting edge and a quantum leap, no reason I can’t have my cake and eat it too…great company. great product, and I’ll be recommending them to any and everyone!

  43. Tubaman

    I too have been through the Surefire, UltraFire, Fenix, Maglite journeys. Finally I have a chance to get some quality product at a reasonable price. It is a nightmare in Canada to get good batteries let alone tactical torches. SO …. I just made my first purchase. An R5 320 single mode, a T6-1000 4 mode and the Powerstar. Add a four bay smart charger, seven 3.5 Amp 18650’s and shipping and it is less than a LOCAL PURCHASE WITH NO SHIPPING of similar Fenix product and only getting FOUR batteries. I am a customer for life. *and a self described flashlight freeek – just ask my wife ? * Allan

  44. Robin klein

    Just purchased my third monster flashlight the Power Star and love all three of them. The quality is absolutely outstanding and the price reasonable for what you get The follow-up assistance is unbelievable. I e mailed on a sunday and got a response back within the hour

  45. Brad

    I have an M-31 and now the PowerStar. PowerStar is 3+ times brighter! using 2600mAh 18650’s

  46. Robin klein

    Just purchased and received the power star 2. This is the best flashlight available at any price.

  47. Chuck

    I got the Powerstar for Christmas. WOW what a flashlight!! This thing really is awesome, I looked at Fenix, and Surefire but found your website and decided on the Powerstar. I will order more flashlights and batteries from Monster Flashlight. Keep up the great work!!

  48. Brent Courtemarsh

    I just wanted to say thanks for the great flashlights! I just ordered the R5-350-5 and the T6-1000-3 to add to my collection. i already have the 5Q5-1200-5 and the T6-1000-4 ( which is my favorite so far!). I think the PowerStar will be next on the list…I know i dont need it… but I GOT to have it!!! Thank You Howard for the Amazing products!

  49. Chazz

    Received my Power Star, charged the batteries and have a one word comment….AWESOME

  50. Anthony

    i just got the power star and must say worth every penny

  51. Dan F

    The POWERSTAR is an essential light for the professional. Being able to see detail is CRITICAL to my business, and this light has made me better at my job. I have spent hundreds of dollars on high-end flashlights from numerous manufacturers before discovering the POWERSTAR. The beam spread, color temp, and power are perfect, not to mention the unit’s balance and feel in-hand. Note: Without the extension tube installed, the PowerStar is still extremely bright, and only 10 inches in length. It is easily pocketable in jeans, with the large head outside the pocket, which makes for easy access. At this price point, if you’re reading this review, you’re not a lookie loo. This light is not for everyone, but if you’re a professional, and you value quality in your tools, pull the trigger on this purchase. You will be satisfied. More importantly, you will spare yourself the trial-and-error that I had to endure with so many inferior lights.

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