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The 4-mode version of our 2nd generation Echo Series is a serious Pro Grade flashlight that weighs just 5-1/2 ounces. Its super tough body and Cree U3 1200 max lumens LED make it our best value in a Professional Grade flashlight.

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Echo-4 runs on one 18650 battery. Choose a package with 1 or 2 Extended or Ultra Capacity batteries and single USB/AC or dual AC charger or dual AC/DC/USB charger. Echo-4 does not come with batteries or charger unless you add a package below.

SMO gives tighter focus center beam and increased beam distance.


The MF Tactical Echo Series has received a major upgrade and, as a result, the second generation Echo Series is “entry level” no more!  No longer satisfied to be the little brother of its more powerful siblings, the Echo Series is now a full fledged Pro Grade flashlight with material quality and power output equal to its Juno and Pro Tango brothers, but at a price that puts more light in your pocket than ever before imaginable in a $65 flashlight. Still a small, lightweight flashlight at only 6″ in length, with a 1.4″ head diameter and weighing only 5-1/2 ounces, with its 1200 lumen max Cree® XM-L2-U3 LED emitter, the 2nd gen Echo Series achieves the perfect balance of blazing power, compact portability and affordable pricing.  Echo-4 is a four mode light with high, medium, low and strobe modes plus mode memory that remembers and returns to the last mode used.

The second generation Echo Series is waterproof to IPX-7 standards and includes our deep cut diamond knurling pattern for both a high quality feel and a slip-free grip in any weather conditions. An advanced and highly refined tail switch with improved tactile feel and intuitive single-handed operation makes the Echo feel comfortable from the first time it makes its home in your hand. The Echo Series also gets our unique and innovative new Bi-Directional Pocket Clip, which can be easily removed if you prefer. Echo Series is built from extra thick, military grade level III anodized aluminum, with its hardened ultra-clear mineral glass recessed deep in the heavy duty bezel to protect from drops or tactical mishaps.  The 2nd generation Echo Series is now as rugged as it is powerful, and it is built in the USA to last a lifetime.

The evolution of the Echo Series dates back all of the way to our original pocket rocket, the T6-1000-3, which the first gen Echo replaced back in 2015.  But the original Echo, while always a good value as an entry level high power flashlight, did not compete with its pro grade stablemates due to the heat dissipation limitations of a smaller head design. By bumping out the head diameter 1/10th of an inch and redesigning its internal structure to improve heat dispersion, the 2nd gen Echo Series now equals the power and beam throw of the more expensive Juno and Pro Tango models, while maintaining its pricing advantage as the most affordable pro grade flashlight ever built by MF Tactical.

There are an ever growing number of “tactical” flashlights offered on the internet these days, but as our long time customers already know, MF Tactical is the real deal, and we design and build our flashlights right here in New Jersey. The difference comes down to quality, and MF Tactical takes pride in the fact that nobody beats us in producing the highest quality tactical LED flashlights designed and built in America, and we stand behind our quality with our one year limited warranty and legendary customer service.

Echo-4 runs on a single high voltage 18650 rechargeable protected li-ion battery (Do NOT use CR-123A’s or unprotected batteries). While the price shown for the flashlight is without batteries, just use the option menu marked “Select Battery/Charger Package” when you put this light in your cart, and you can choose from a variety of packages made up of 1 or 2 of our top quality Extended or Ultra Capacity 18650 rechargeable li-ion batteries and your choice of AC or AC/DC smart charger, all offered with a package deal and no additional shipping. We also stock a variety of essential accessories, such as weapon and bicycle mounts, remote pressure switches, color filters and a custom ballistic nylon holster.

Here are the specs:

Model: MF Tactical Echo-4
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree®
Emitter: XM-L2-U3
Color: White
Total Emitters: 1
Battery Configurations: Uses 1x 18650 protected battery only (sold separately). DO NOT USE CR123A’s or unprotected battery
Voltage Input: 3.6~4.2V
Switch Type: Recessed Tactic Click
Switch Location: Tail Cap
Modes: 4
Mode Arrangement: High, Medium, Low and Fast Strobe
Mode Memory: Remembers and returns to last mode used (after 3 second memory set period)
Operating Current: 1.8A Total Output, Digitally Regulated
Brightness: 1200 lumens on high, 600 lumens on medium, 35 lumens on low and 1200 lumens on strobe
Runtime per charge: Approx. 3 hrs. on high, 6 hrs. on medium, 150 hrs. on low, 3.5 hrs on strobe (with 3400mAh Ultra Capacity battery)
Range: 175+ yards
Waterproof Standard: IPX-7.  Protected against water penetration at depth up to 1 meter
Materials: T6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Finish: HA III military Grade Hard Anodized
Lens: Hardened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
Reflector: Aluminum Textured/OP Reflector
Carrying Strap/Clip: Both nylon wrist strap and removable bi-directional steel pocket clip included.
Weight (w/o battery): 5.6 ounces (w/o battery)
Length: 6”
Tail Diameter: 1.1”
Head Diameter: 1.4”
Diameter at Mounting Point: 1”

TO CHANGE MODES:  Turn on with a full press of the button (CLICK), then cycle through modes with a half press of button (NO CLICK).

MEMORY FEATURE:  Leave in any mode for about 3 seconds to allow circuitry to learn mode.  Then turn off and wait 3 additional seconds for memory to set. The light then remembers and returns to your last setting when turned back on.

Optional Tactical Accessories:

Universal Gun Mount
Universal Gun Mount
Pickatiny Weaver 45 degree Mount
Pickatiny Weaver 45 degree MountPickatiny Weaver 45 degree Mount
Remote Pressure Switch for Echo Series v.2

To order, check the “Add Remote Pressure Switch” and/or “Add Firearm Mount” box above.

SMO Reflector Options:

Echo Series with Orange Peel “OP” Reflector
Echo Series with Smooth “SMO” Reflector
Beam with OP Reflector
Beam with OP Reflector
Beam with SMO Reflector
Beam with SMO Reflector

If you would like to upgrade your Echo-4 to maximize the throw distance of this magnificent emitter, we offer the option to upgrade your reflector to a highly polished SMO smooth reflector. The standard OP or “orange peel” reflector has a textured surface that acts to evenly disburse the light over a wider field, which makes the light have a bias towards flood or spill. As some users prefer their light to have a bias towards throw, which concentrates more of the beam towards the center, sending more of the light farther down field, we offer the option of upgrading your light’s reflector to an SMO reflector.  Think of the difference as the choice of loading your home’s light fixture with a spot light bulb vs. a flood light bulb. If you would want to maximize your light’s throw potential through the use of an SMO reflector, just check the option box when ordering and either upgrade your standard OP reflector to the SMO reflector or include both OP and SMO reflectors.

10 reviews for MF Tactical Echo-4 v.2 LED Tactical Flashlight – 4 Mode

  1. dustin (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd order on lights. Good flashlights I use mine every day.

  2. Danny Glasser (verified owner)

    I am a patrol cop in a large suburban city. Decided to replaced my 5 year old Echo-3 with the new and improved Echo-4. I can tell that Lots of thought and work went into improving everything about my old light. The new Echo-4 is Brighter, longer running, and has a wider and deeper beam and better pocket clip. Plus the switch feels more responsive plus will tail stand on a table. MF took a solid B Echo–3 and turned it into an even more extraordinary A+ Echo-4. This light now lives on my belt and I wouldn’t ever leave without it. Next is the MINI MONSTER for my personal car.

  3. Kevin Bennett (verified owner)

    Did tons of research on the flashlight and seen lots of good reviews so I got one and gave it a try. Love it!!! 1200 Lumen is very bright. It’s rechargable. Affordable as well. Already recommended this item to a friend.

  4. Ronny (verified owner)

    Great flashlight. Love the solid construction.

  5. Rob Woodward (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd Monster and now my favorite. Brighter and longer running than Streamlight at 1/3 the price. Also made much better and more reliable then Fenix.

  6. Bill H (verified owner)

    My wife gave me an Echo-4 for my birthday. Could not be happier. Have relegated all of my cheapo flashlights to the junk drawer in the garage.

  7. Alan K. Gardner (verified owner)

    This is my third Monster light and it is the best one yet. Great light quality and long lasting battery even on high.

  8. David Cuomo

    Just received my echo-4 and could not be happier. Have given my well used echo-3 to my wife. The new light is a big improvement on an already great light. I like the fact that the beam is brighter and a bit wider, and the upgrade in materials is huge. This is now a top notch flashlight, and at 65 bucks it is a bargain compared to surefire.

  9. david R bristor (verified owner)

    I bought echo 4v.2 led for my brothers birthday,he loves it.

  10. Chris Dimiceli (verified owner)

    I have the first generation echo 3 and have really enjoyed it and it is still going strong, but this new echo 4 is a great light the new design features are a nice addition with the extra deep nurraling on whole body for the added grip and the additional modes(medium.) all in all just awesome. And yes monster flashlights are truly built to last I own 4 of them and not one of them has ever given me a second of trouble. I rely on my flashlights as I use them daily in my work. 👍👍

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