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As a Pro Series model, the Delta-4 combines a deep and wide reflector dish with a heavy gauge level III anodized aluminum body and rugged recessed tail switch that makes it the perfect all purpose LED flashlight.

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Delta-4 runs on one 18650 battery. Choose a package with 1 or 2 Extended or Ultra Capacity batteries and single or dual AC charger or dual AC/DC charger. The flashlight does not come with batteries or charger unless you add a package below.

SMO (Smooth) Reflector Options

SMO gives tighter focus center beam and increased beam distance.

Add Custom Ballistic Nylon Holster

Add Remote Pressure Switch

Add Firearm Mount

Tactical Accessories


The Pro T6-1000-4 has evolved into the MF Tactical Delta-4 tactical LED flashlight.  All of the features that made the Pro T6-1000-4 an utter masterpiece of design, technology and American ingenuity (if we don’t say so ourselves) continue with the new Delta-4:  The Delta-4 still has an incredible output to size ratio and is one of the brightest sub-6″ long flashlights you will find anywhere.  Unlike many of our competitors who are committed to producing a huge number of units even in the face of aging technology (no, we are not making fun of MagLite – ok, we are!!), we believe in constantly innovating and adopting newer technology as soon as possible.  As a result of continually listening to the feedback from our users, we introduce our next generation premier professional grade tactical workhorse:  the Delta-4.

First and foremost, we have upgraded the LED emitter to Cree’s whiter and brighter 1100 lumen max XM-L2-U2 LED emitter.  You may not have thought it was possible to improve upon the incredible output of the Pro T6-1000-4, but that is precisely what we have done.  In addition to being 10% brighter than its successor, the Delta-4 also uses our latest high quality switch design, insuring both tactical precision and a lifetime of reliable performance.

The Delta-4 has a total of four tactical modes.  When you activate its tail mounted button for the first time, the Delta-4 starts on full bright mode. Then, with a soft press of the button, it cycles through its other 3 modes, which are a mid-bright setting for when bright is blinding you (like reading at night), a battery saving low mode, which extends the run time of a battery charge to an unbelievable 8 hours, and a fast strobe mode that will disorient and blind any aggressor at night.  Most importantly, the MF Tactical Delta-4 has flash memory circuitry, so when you turn it back on it returns to the same mode you were using at the time you last switched it off.  Memory gives you a huge advantage because you do not have to cycle through all 4 modes at a time when you may be concerned about more pressing matters.

The key feature of this light, and what differentiates it from our lower cost U2 models, is the extra deep and extra wide 1-3/4″ reflector dish, which gives this light an extremely useful beam that still has sufficient throw power to place a beam on a license place from more than 50 yards.  And the tactical “attack crown” design of the bezel allows you to “reason with” your attacker* after you have blinded him.  On an MVA call (car crash) at night, this light can easily light up the entire accident scene with bright white light – far better than those Mag toys the firemen bring to the scene!  This light achieves its mission of being an incredibly capable and bright wide beam light that meets or exceeds the fit and quality of lights costing six times as much.  THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY BRIGHT FLASHLIGHT IN A LIGHT/COMPACT SUB-6″ BODY.  Compared to the now ancient looking MagLite LED that took 3 D-cell batteries, this anodized aircraft aluminum bodied flashlight puts out more than 10x as much light as the brightest MagLite that weighs a ton.

* For legitimate self defense only – We do not condone or promote violence of any type.

The switch on the Delta-4 is flush mounted and fully recessed into the tail cap, giving the light the capability of standing on its tail, permitting it to be used to bounce its beam off the ceiling when you place it on a flat surface, thereby enabling the Delta-4 to be used as a table lamp bright enough to light up an entire room.

The Delta-4 was built to run on a single high voltage 18650 rechargeable protected li-ion battery (Do NOT use CR-123A’s or any unprotected batteries).  While the price shown for the flashlight is without batteries, just check the box marked “Select Battery/Charger Package” when you put this light in your cart, and you can choose from a variety of packages made up of one or two of our top quality MF Tactical extended capacity rechargeable li-ion batteries and your choice of charger type, all offered with a package deal and with no additional shipping. We also stock a variety of accessories, such as mounting hardware, remote pressure switches and a custom designed, ballistic nylon belt holster.

Since MF Tactical was founded by an openly neurotic flashlight freak who runs the shop with a whip, orders are usually packed and shipped w/in one business day.  As our growing list of customers already know, MF Tactical combines the best of the best products and features at the best possible prices with excellent and caring customer service.  Our newer customers always ask us: “Why are your prices so low?” And, what’s our response?:  Why are the competitors charging so much!! Every day, an MF Tactical is the reason behind the early retirement of a Streamlight or Surefire that costs more to purchase and operate yet does not come close to the performance and output of an MF Tactical.

SMO Reflector Options:

If you would like to upgrade your Delta-4 to maximize the throw distance of this magnificent emitter, we offer the option to upgrade your reflector to a highly polished SMO smooth reflector. The standard OP or “orange peel” reflector has a textured surface that acts to evenly disburse the light over a wider field, which makes the light have a bias towards flood or spill. As some users prefer their light to have a bias towards throw, which concentrates more of the beam towards the center, sending more of the light farther down field, we offer the option of upgrading your light’s reflector to an SMO reflector.  Think of the difference as the choice of loading your home’s light fixture with a spot light bulb vs. a flood light bulb. If you would want to maximize your light’s throw potential through the use of an SMO reflector, just check the option box when ordering and either upgrade your standard OP reflector to the SMO reflector or include both OP and SMO reflectors.

Here are the specs for the Delta-4:

Brand: MF Tactical
Model: Delta-4
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree XM-L2-U2
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 1
Battery Configurations: Powered by 1x 18650 Protected battery ONLY (sold separately).  Do NOT use CR123A or any unprotected battery.
Voltage Input: 3.6~4.2V
Switch Location/Type: Tail-cap Mounted Reverse Tactic Click Switch
Modes: 4
Mode Memory: Circuitry Features Mode Memory
Mode Arrangement: Hi, Mid, Low, Fast Strobe
Working Current: 2800mA Total Output, Digitally Regulated
Brightness: 1100 lumens maximum brightness.
Run Time per Charge: Approx 2.6 hrs on high; 5.2 hrs on med; 10.4 hrs on low. (estimates are with 3400mAh Ultra Capacity battery)
Range: 130 yards
Waterproof Standard: IPX-7.  Protected against water penetration at depth up to 1 meter.
Materials: Anodized aircraft aluminum body.
Finish: HA III military Grade Hard Anodized
Lens: Hardened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.
Reflector: Aluminum Textured/OP Reflector
Carrying Strap: Nylon Wrist Strap Included
Weight (w/o battery): 6.2 oz
Length: 5-3/4”
Diameter at head: 1-3/4”
Diameter at body: 1.0″
Diameter at mounting pt: 15/16”

TO CHANGE MODES:  Turn on with a full press of the button (CLICK), then cycle through modes with a half press of button (NO CLICK).

MEMORY FEATURE:  Leave in any mode for about 4 seconds to allow circuitry to learn mode.  Then turn off and wait 4 additional seconds for memory to set. The light then remembers and returns to your last setting when turned back on.

Optional Tactical Accessories:

Remote Pressure Switch for Delta and Bravo Series
Remote Pressure Switch for Delta and Bravo Series
Universal Gun Mount
Universal Gun Mount
Pickatiny Weaver 45 degree Mount
Pickatiny Weaver 45 degree MountPickatiny Weaver 45 degree Mount

To order, check “Add Remote Pressure Switch” and/or “Add Firearm Mount” box above.

29 reviews for MF Tactical Delta-4 LED Tactical Flashlight 4-Mode

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marc B. (verified owner)

    Ordered this item Sunday night, was shipped Monday, and received today. This is Monster number 7. Monster Flashlight is second to none in service and quality.
    I bought this for a friend who I know will get a kick out of it as I have seen the totally inferior light he currently uses. It’s fun to see the look on the faces of people I have given MF Tactical lights as gifts.
    I was in Lowes the other day and came across several flashlight displays. They might have held my attention years ago but not since I was introduced to the top of the line models. Thanks Monster Flashlight.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    StL John (verified owner)

    I have bought many MF devices, and regard them to be the finest, most affordably priced lights available. The Delta is a wonderful light, the larger head as compared to the Echo series gives it an ideal combination of center beam and halo, and gives it better balance in the hand. While the standard orange peel reflector is a good compromise of wide and center intensity, if you want maximum reach the smooth reflector throws a tighter beam. Ordering both at the same time saves you from having buyer’s remorse and later on paying shipping for the separate reflector. Their customer service is the epitome of one-on-one responsiveness, and Howard and his crew really convey the passion that goes into their products.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sheldon Haynes (verified owner)

    I received this as a 2015 Christmas gift! Let me tell you this thing is crazy bright! I am a very In depth shopper and research far and wide to find the best products! I like to have the best at what ever i purchase! Well you can stop right here! If you decide to purchase this, you will be completely satisfied!!!!! I can’t say enough about it! Every time I use it, I am so impressed! Also make sure to get the battery from here too! It last forever! You will rarely have to charge it! It defiantly holds up to the specs of shining over 130 yards! I mean it really lights up the darkness! Thx Sheldon!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jim (verified owner)

    After researching the various tactical flashlights I concluded the Monster Delta-4 would be the best choice for my needs. I ordered the flashlight on Friday and received in the mail on Monday, a very fast mailing. The description said this light had a wider reflection dish for a wider flood area as well as the long distance target capability. I wanted a universal all purpose flashlight, and this light provides the best of both. The first use of this light was a walk around my back yard to check out the fishpond and the area surrounding the swimming pool. The medium power level gave a very good flood view of the entire area. The view area gave a wide range with bright identifiable objects. I used the high beam to view the fence line about 110 feet across the back yard. It lit up the fence and surrounding area to the point I could count the boards on the fence and could distinguish any blemish marks on the cedar fence. I used the low power to find my way back to the back door of the house. This power level gave adequate light for path back to the house. This light more than meets the expectations I hoped for. It is a very good all purpose flashlight. PS: After this first use I ordered another flashlight for my wife’s personal use. Note: this may be a common fault. The charger would not go off the red light charging stage. I left it on well past the time I considered a full charge. I called about returning the charger and was informed this is a common trait of the charger. It seems it takes several charges for the charger to recognize the voltage of the batteries being used. Only time will tell.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kelly Van Arsdel

    Best flashlight I have ever owned. Super bright and built to last a lifetime.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jacob Nelson (verified owner)

    Being in Law Enforcement I look for very high quality lights and found that Monster Flashlights are probably the best around! I recently bought the Delta 4. This is a great light! Compact yet it has a very bright beam of light! Mosnter Flashlights are a great tactical tool and I will always be thankful for them!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Fischbein (verified owner)

    After reading customer reviews I knew the Delta 4 was going to throw a decent beam, but After using it in person it blew me away! Super bright for a compact flashlight, and the quality is second to none. Perfect light for my needs…

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ken – 11/9/2015

    Best flashlight I have ever owned. Shined down the main street of a subdivision and it lighted up a stop sign four blocks away. I use it mostly when I go out at night to walk the dog. The battery that is in it right now is the same one that I put in it 11 months ago when I received it for my birthday. Other than being initially charged when I received the flashlight it has yet to be recharged again. And I have two other batteries that have yet to be used. Bought two many batteries (LOL).

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ed McCann (verified owner)

    Well, Howard and the gang have done it again! Not only did they (I ordered 2) show up the next day, the Delta-4’s light up the whole yard and fit right in my pocket!

    I had ordered a PowerStar last year (and this thing is BRIGHT!), but it quite large. It was a little uncomfortable trying to hold the “Monster” and a handgun. These Delta-4’s are the best of both worlds!

    They are rugged enough that if they fall to the ground you don’t have to worry if they will light. In an emergency you have to have light, and these lights will provide it!

    I can see getting 2 more for both cars….this was a great shopping experience!

    No need to look anywhere else!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gary Underhill

    Been using this light at work for 2 years no problems my buddys always bringing there light trying to out do it but can’t

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    KnuckleHead1 (verified owner)

    I wanted to be the first on my block with a Delta-4, and I think I might have been the first to order one. Got it on Saturday after ordering on Friday!! The light is so well built I could not believe it. It is so bright and has a Teutonic click that makes it sound and feel like the first class instrument that it is. My Delta-4 is now my main light, which means my T6-1000-3 will be taking up backup duty. Couldn’t be happier. Keep up the good work you guys at Monster!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Thomas (verified owner)

    Recieved my PRO T6-1000-4, 2 batteries, and duel charger today. Well packaged and fast delivery. Opened the box and got the flashlight out, was really impressed very well made, I also got the SMO REFLECTOR upgrade to get a tighter beam out of my light. Put the batteries in the charger and within a hour were fully charged, now all I had to do is wait for it to get dark so I could try out my new light. All I can say is WOW !!!!!!! I was blown away with how much light this little flashlight put out. There is a 2 car Garage across the street from me on the corner about 75 yards from my front porch, and when I shined the light in it it looked like someone turned the lights on in the Garage.Straight across the street from me is a open field and the backside of the house on the next street over is over 2 hundred yards away and it lite it up like daylight! So if anyone is reading the guest book and cant make up their mind whether to order from MONSTER ,go for it you wont be dissapointed!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Walter Gordon (verified owner)

    Just bought the T6-1000-4 Tac Flashlight. The light lives up to every claim made in the Monster online statement. I like the last mode save feature and the truly off” feature. With the light completely “off” there will be no trickle drain and when you hit the on button you won’t be in for any nasty surprises (as in the battery is dead). My only complaint is not with the light at all. It’s with the directions that come with the light. I had to read the directions at least twice to get a fair grip on the operation and then play with the light while referring back to the directions. If the directions were a bit more user friendly and precise it would help with learning the operation (especially the “true off” feature). Beyond that this is a light that looks like it will last 2 days shy of forever and certainly lives up to the writeup in the Monster online catalog. Only one question again not covered in the directions: What is Monster’s guarantee regarding this light?

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Grey (verified owner)

    I just purchased my first monster flashljght. The level communication is fantastic. i purchased the Pro T6-1000-4 LED Tactical Flashlight 4-Mode. delivert was promt and packaged well. I have the tactical light mounted on my Saiga shotgun and it performs as well as I had hoped. I will dealing with this supplier for my next project. looking forward to it

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    JEff Buss (verified owner)

    Ordered a R5-350-5 mode, a T6-1000-4 mode, mount and pressure switch and the i4 intellicharger w/ 4 extended life batteries. Ordered them Friday evening, Saturday morning I received notice they had been shipped and they were at my door Monday afternoon…..Now that’s fast…. These lights are the best you’re going to find for the money. Thanks Howard! You’ll probably be hearing from some of my friends.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    JohnHarwood (verified owner)

    I use my Pro T6-1000-4 everyday. It still amazes me how reliable this light is. The battery life on my rechargeable battery is exactly what I need. I keep the light on for as much as 6 hours a day with my electrical work. It has been dropped and needed repair, but Monster Flashlight has been very good about repairs. Thank you again for a quality product!

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jack (verified owner)

    I am a retired purchasing director for the County of Montgomery and wanted a great, bright flashlight. I did my homework (as I always do) and after checking specs and looking at other buyers comments, purchased the Monster Flashlight Pro T6-1000-4 LED . I was hoping it would be so bright that it would knock the socks off of me. Wow, it is everything that I expected and more. My neighbors barn is aproximately 150 yards away and I lit it up like daylight. Showed it to my nephew who is a sheriffs deputy and he could not believe how bright it was. I just love comparing it to others who say they have a great flashlight. I let them shine theirs first…..then I fire mine up and they are amazed. It blows any other flashlight away. The light is extremely bright and pure white. For those of you who want a really great, top of the line light……buy this one.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brent Courtemarsh (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say thanks for the great flashlights! I just ordered the R5-350-5 and the T6-1000-3 to add to my collection. i already have the 5Q5-1200-5 and the T6-1000-4 ( which is my favorite so far!). I think the PowerStar will be next on the list…I know i dont need it… but I GOT to have it!!! Thank You Howard for the Amazing products!

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    V. Meyer (verified owner)

    Just received my T6-1000-4 (Howards recommendation) Mounted to my bicycle handlebars and went for a ride in the DARK last night. It was like having a car headlight to ride by…very pleased.

  20. Rated 4 out of 5

    Michael (verified owner)

    Just received my T6-1000-4. Very well made.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    david borders (verified owner)

    pro t6-1000-4 after my crew saw this little beauty they went nuts so guess what i am giveing for christmas presents!

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark B (verified owner)

    Bought the Pro T6-1000-4. WOW…WOW….WOW! Very nice quality. Showed it to other guys I work with and they are buying too.

  23. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard (verified owner)

    I’m a flashlight freak too. Glad I found your site. I just ordered the T6-1000-4 LED Tactical Flashlight with the 2 extended batteries and ac/dc charger. Can’t wait for it to show up. I’ve also got my eye on the 3000 lumen monster. I may just have to get me one of those babies as well.

  24. Rated 5 out of 5

    Posty (verified owner)

    I am not in law enforcement but I do have to work in the rural areas late at night.The well built Pro-T6-1000-4 is astounding.It is the perfect size.I will be ordering the 3000 lumen soon for use on the acreage.Can’t thank you enough Howard. Mr. Hills you wont be disappointed.

  25. Rated 4 out of 5

    Posty (verified owner)

    Ordered the Pro T6-1000-4 yesterday (Sunday) and received an automated confirmation that my order was sent at 2:30 a.m.Monday.Very fast.I’m confident this light will amaze me.

  26. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Davis (verified owner)

    Just Purchased a PRO T6-1000-4 Love it. Has a very bright White Light, You don’t notice that other flashlights, put out a yellow haze light untill you compare them to a monster flashlight. anyone contiplateing buying one go for it. I Love IT

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jay (verified owner)

    Just got my T6-1000-4 that I ordered LATE Saturday night, man that’s fast shipping! I love the light it blows my Streamlight and Pelican light out of the water!! I will be ordering more.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Frank (verified owner)

    I recently ordered two lights from you, the R5-350-1C for my son to use while caving, and the Pro T6-1000-4 for myself at work. I am completely satisfied with both lights, however, I am in total awe of the little R5!!! I am totally amazed by the amount of light this little package delivers!!! I will be ordering more as gifts soon! Your shipping was much faster than anything I’ve ordered online before! Great product, great price, great shipping! Thank you!! Looking forward to seeing your future products!! Frank

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nick (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the PRO T6-1000-4 and i absolutely love it! Ive only had the light for 2 days and it tops any flashlight i’ve ever owned. I was always on the hunt for the best and brightest flashlight but that hunt is over! Everything shipped super fast, ordered it on Thursday and had it Saturday morning…fastest ive ever received anything. Once again, AMAZING light and any flashlight purchase i make will be from you! Keep up the great work!

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