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The economical 1100 lm max Bravo-P can be programed with your choice of up to 5 modes. With USB charging & LED power indicator, it packs our newest features into a compact 4.9″ light with 4 hrs. run time.

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Bravo-P runs on one 10A 18650 battery. Choose 1 or 2 2600mAh ECO Cell or longer runtime 3500mAh batteries. Bravo-P does not come with batteries unless added below.

Bravo-P charges one battery internally. Additional batteries can be charged with an optional external charger.

Allows faster USB charging via AC wall outlet

Allows USB charging via cigarette lighter

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Our mission with [mf-tactical]’s Bravo Series has always been to provide the best value in an affordable USA built rechargeable tactical LED flashlight, and we think the all new for 2022 Bravo-P accomplishes our mission with flying colors. The reinvented user programmable Bravo-P shown on this page brings together all of [mf-tactical]’s newest features and advances in LED flashlight technology with a lightweight and compact 1100 lumen flashlight that runs on a single 18650 battery and will run for an amazing 4 hours on high and 200 hours on candle mode (using an Ultra Capacity 18650 rechargeable battery).

Say goodbye to the old days of having to decide between a single mode or a multi-mode flashlight. Bravo-P allows you to choose exactly how many and which modes you want your flashlight to have, and in 30 seconds you can program it to operate in just your selected modes. So the compact 4-7/8″ long Bravo-is your single mode, dual mode or “however many modes you want” long run time flashlight that will immediately become your favorite EDC. The modes available for programming are high, medium, low, candle mode and SOS plus you get the always available direct access fast strobe mode.


Bravo-P has a built-in intelligent charging circuit for internal charging via a USB-C port so it can be quickly charged by plugging its included USB cable into any powered USB outlet. For the fastest recharge times, add our accessory high power 3A, 5V AC adapter and plug your USB cable into any 110V wall outlet, or get our 12V DC dual USB adapter to charge in any automotive cigarette lighter outlet. Bravo-P has a real time battery level indicator built into the switch that is green when your battery is between full and 20% power, red when the battery is between 20% and 10%, and flashing red when it has less than 10% charge remaining, so you never have to guess how much more power you have left in your flashlight!

Bravo-P’s li-ion battery can charge internally via USB or be removed and charged in an optional external USB powered charger. This gives you the best of both worlds: by leaving the flashlight plugged in when not in use, one battery will always be fully charged when needed. For times when you need multiple charged batteries on hand, you can use the flashlight with its primary battery while charging one or more spare batteries externally.

Bravo-P has the same upgraded design elements normally found only in our Pro Grade flashlights, such as heavy gauge shock resistant aircraft grade aluminum with HA III military grade hard anodized finish, our unique diamond cut knurling pattern for a sure grip and a high precision tac switch with built in battery level indicator. By building this incredibly high quality flashlight around the bright and efficient Osram® P9 LED, we are able to offer the 1100 max lumen Bravo-P at the lowest price ever for a full featured [mf-tactical] 18650 powered rechargeable LED flashlight.

As our long time customers know, [mf-tactical] is the real deal, and we design and build our flashlights right here in New Jersey. The difference comes down to quality, and [mf-tactical] takes pride in the fact that nobody beats us in producing the highest quality tactical LED flashlights built in America. And we stand behind our quality with our one year limited warranty and our legendary customer service.

Bravo-P is an ECO Cell Certified flashlight that runs on a single high voltage 18650 rechargeable li-ion protected battery or an [mf-tactical] ECO Cell Certified battery. All [mf-tactical] ECO Cell Certified flashlights have over-charge and over-discharge protection functions built into the flashlight so that the battery no longer needs its own built-in protection circuit board. This way you do not have to also add the cost and complexity of a protection circuit to every battery you purchase, resulting in a more economical flashlight. You can choose to power your Bravo-P on either 2600mAh Extended Capacity or, for about 35% longer run time, 3500mAh Ultra Capacity batteries.

While the price shown for the flashlight is without batteries, just use the “Battery Options” and “Add External Charger” menus when you put the light in your cart, and you can choose from a variety of options with one or two of our top quality rechargeable li-ion batteries and an external USB smart charger for charging spare batteries. We also stock essential accessories, such as a custom ballistic nylon holster, a high power 3A, 5V AC adapter for faster charging in a wall outlet, a 12V DC cigarette lighter adapter for charging in a vehicle, red and green color filters and mounting hardware.

Bravo-P Specs:

Downloadable User Guide
User Guide
Brand: [mf-tactical]
Model: Bravo-P
Emitter Brand/Type: Osram® P9
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters:
Required Battery: 10A Protected or ECO Cell Certified 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery
Voltage Input: 3.6~4.2v
Switch Type: Electronic sure press tac switch
Switch Location: Side switch with internal LED power level indicator
Up to 5 user programmable modes plus fast strobe
Mode Arrangement: User programmable – choose from high, med, low, candle mode and SOS
Mode Memory Memory Mode Circuitry – Remembers and returns to last mode
Operating Current: 3.3A, Digitally Regulated
Brightness (Lumens): 1100 high; 550 medium; 220 low; 33 candle mode; 1100 strobe
Operating Current: 1.2A, Digitally Regulated
Approx. Runtime: 4 hrs high; 8 hrs med; 20 hrs low; 200 hrs candle mode (3500mAh)
Fast Strobe Mode:
Direct access strobe selected with double click when light is on or off
Range: 130+ yards
Waterproof Standard: IPX-66.  Protected against high pressure water stream from any angle.
Materials: T6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
Finish: HA III Military Grade Hard Anodized
Lens: Hardened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.
Reflector: Aluminum Textured/OP Reflector
Carrying Strap: Deluxe detachable nylon wrist strap included
Weight (w/o battery): 5.2 oz
Length: 4.87”
Diameter at head: 1.275”
Diameter at body: .98”
Diameter at Mounting Point: .98”
Reflector Diameter:

TO CHANGE MODES:  Press and hold the button, and the light will automatically cycle through each of the modes programmed by user.

MEMORY FEATURE:  Automatically remembers and returns to last mode used each time light is turned on.

Optional Tactical Accessories:


Pickatiny Weaver 45 degree
Picatinny Weaver 45° Mount
Universal Gun Mount
Universal Mount

To order, check “Add Remote Pressure Switch” and/or “Add Mount” box above.

OP/SMO Reflector Options:


Smooth “SMO” Reflector
Orange Peel “OP” Reflector
Beam with OP Reflector
Beam Pattern w/OP Reflector
Beam with SMO Reflector
Beam Pattern w/SMO Reflector

If you would like to upgrade your Bravo-P to maximize beam throw, we offer an optional upgrade to a highly polished SMO smooth reflector. The standard OP or “orange peel” reflector has a textured surface that casts the center beam over a wider field and produces a bias towards flood or spill. As some users prefer their light to have a bias towards throw, which concentrates more of the beam towards the center and sends more light farther down field, we offer the option of upgrading your light’s OP reflector to an SMO reflector. It’s like choosing a spot light bulb vs. a flood light bulb. If you would want to maximize your light’s throw with an SMO reflector, just check the option box when ordering and either upgrade your standard OP reflector to the SMO reflector or include both OP and SMO reflectors.

19 reviews for MF Tactical Bravo-P Programmable USB Rechargeable 1100 Lumens LED Flashlight

  1. Chris O. (verified owner)

    Great flashlight for the money. Was happily surprised to see that it really seems to be made much better than the china flashlight I had to throw away when it died after less than 2 months.

  2. Steve Hynes (verified owner)

    I am a new MF customer, but so far I really love the brand. I have had a Bravo for 4 months, and I got to say I dont get or agree with the critics I just read. The lanyard mounting thing is just not an issue, and I like how easy it is to charge the Bravo p. The light itself is fantastic, as everyone does seem to agree, as it is brighter than you ever need on high and is really simple to use. So put me down as a 5 star lover of the Bravo.

  3. Chandler Tollison (verified owner)

    I bought the Bravo-P light and I am happy with the function of the light but disappointed with some of the details. As one other reviews point out, the place to connect your lanyard is very sharp. I think I might break it off and sand it smooth. Instead might be useful to have a magnet built into the bottom of the light. My second BIG gripe is the USB-C port. I got this specific light because of the USB-c port and it’s basically useless. All my my existing USBC chargers do not work to charge the light because the connector is recessed so far into the light. If it can only be charged with one specific cable provided with the light then what’s the point of going with a universal connector. This actually really frustrated me today when I tried charging my light for the first time and none of my cables work.

    • MF_Tactical

      Chandler, we are sorry for your frustration, but please know that not all USB-C cables, adapters or connectors are the same. This is why we ship a cable with every flashlight. We have emailed you with a link if you have lost the cable that came with your flashlight.

  4. RuthAnn Noah Hoagland (verified owner)

    This is the best flashlight I’ve ever owned. I have macular degeneration so it’s very difficult to see clearly unless objects/things are lit adequately, and this more than does the job. Also, I need to mention the customer service. When I called the number listed on the website, a human answered!!!! No irritating answering robot as is the case almost exclusively these days. All my questions were answered patiently and without rushing me or making me feel ignorant. I am actually ordering 2 more of the Bravo-P. I live on acreage in the country and these tiny but powerful flashlights are perfect for distance. I had no trouble finding the on-switch in the dark since I’m used to groping for things anyway. So far so good.

  5. Greg (verified owner)

    Excellent flashlight!

  6. Thomas Press (verified owner)

    The Bravo P is a perfect combination of small size and high output. The ability to run on the newly introduced Eco cell is a huge plus. Great light from a great and innovative company!

  7. Mike M. (verified owner)

    I purchased the Bravo-P to use at home and walking the dog at night. I have an Echo-3 that I’ve used daily on the job for 5-6 years with no issues. The Bravo-P is very bright, small and fits into a pocket easily. The charging plug in the side is nice rather than removing the battery to charge in a charger. The green and red charge indicators indicate when to charge. The rubber charging port cover came off immediately but the indentation for the port indicates that the on off switch is exactly 90 degrees opposite of the indentation. Useful for operating in the dark or with gloved hands. Love both Monster flashlights, well made products.

  8. Kerry Grim (verified owner)

    I very much like the flashlight. It took a few minutes to program it and get used to locking it off, etc., but, I do like it. I have a more expensive MF Tactical but there are times when I am traveling light or simply doing routine things around the house where this light is far more than adequate. The output is excellent and I don’t need to use the highest setting to get very bright light.

  9. Billy R. Lewis (verified owner)

    First time with this brand of flashlight, but won’t be my last. I live on a farm and mounted it on a M&P 15/22 for night time varmint eradication. Love it! Replaced a larger light previously mounted on same rifle. This light is awesome!!!

  10. Audrey (verified owner)

    Love my flashlight. Only glitch is the rubber charging cover doesn’t stay closed like it should. I always have to check and make sure it hasn’t popped open.

  11. George Krause (verified owner)

    I agree with J Caron’ assessment:
    Although the size and brightness are great, the struggle that is needed to turn it on is unfortunate.

  12. Steve I. (verified owner)

    This is a great little flashlight! It’s REALLY bright but small enough to easily fit in a pocket, and the ability to skip over unused modes puts it way ahead of the competition. We’ve been using the Bravo-5 flashlights for years and this is a nice upgrade – highly recommended.

  13. Julian Halliday (verified owner)

    Another very nice flashlight. I bought this Bravo-P so I could keep my Echo-1 downstairs and the new, smaller flashlight upstairs. As with all three flashlights I’ve bought from Monster Flashlight, this neat device is pleasingly dense, good to hold, and more than adequately bright. The soft on/soft off button actuation is great (though I often start by trying to press the charging port cover…); speaking of which, the ability to charge without unscrewing and removing the battery is very welcome. At present, the new Bravo-P lives downstairs, where I use it for glamorous and exciting tasks such as establishing what the hell is on the top shelf of the area we laughingly refer to as a pantry, or finding lost bits and pieces in our disorganized garage. Even in a reasonably well-lit space, I find that using a flashlight helps focus my attention. Mind you, I’ve also used the Echo-1 to do some impromptu light-painting for night photography, and I plan to try more of that when it’s not freezing outside. The main failure mode so far was user error — I put the flashlight down among my all-black video equipment on its all-black stand, and promptly forgot where it was until a cat which shouldn’t have been clambering over electronics knocked it over. All in all, a most satisfactory acquisition.

  14. Pedro Garcia (verified owner)

    Bought it as a christmas gift and now need to buy another for Nice little compact light and programming is an awesome feature. Thanks

  15. Mike N Clark (verified owner)

    Smallest light I have. Easy to carry. Very bright. I do a lot of night fishing on a lake. Coming into a dock when there is no moon shining can be almost impossible. Usually using an older D size battery light isn’t much help untill you get close to the dock. This light will light up the dock from halfway across the lake. Like the other reviews, the on off switch is a little hard to find in the dark.

  16. Mark P. (verified owner)

    Been using the Bravo for about 2 months, and I have to say that it is a truly remarkable flashlight. For its size and weight, it is brighter than anything I have ever used before. I saw the comments left by J Caron and I have to say that it took a couple days to get used to the switch, but now I can always find it with no problem by feel. One side is the rubber USB port and the other side is the button. It takes less than a second to know which side is the button and push it. Also the Bravo is almost as bright as my son’s Juno-1, which cost nearly double.

  17. Angelo (verified owner)

    Glad I found this light. Very bright and well made. I am a plumber, and this is really good for tight spaces. Top notch operation all of the way.

  18. J. Caron

    This flashlight is very, very bright, compared to any flashlight I have used before. However,I find that the switch to turn it on is impossible to find in the dark (remember, this is a flashlight), and once I do find it, it is impossible to activate it with gloves on. So turning it on requires both a source of light (other than the flashlight) and the removal of a glove. Also, the bracket that the carrying cord is supposed to go through is very, very sharp, to the point of being dangerous, in my opinion. I related these concerns to customer service, and the agent (who didn’t provide his or her name) was dismissive and unresponsive. If you can live with those limitations, this does seem to be a pretty solid flashlight,

    • MF_Tactical

      J – As we explained to you by email, the electronic tac switch on the Bravo-P provides a lot of control and features that you cannot get in a standard spring loaded tail switch, such as easy mode changing and quick access to strobe. Tail switch lights with a spring switch (like on the Juno Series) will always be easier to operate with a glove on though.

  19. Tim Gordon (verified owner)

    Been a long time Monster owner and just got my new Bravo. It is stupid bright for its size and I love the programming – I now finally have the two mode light I have been waiting for – just high and low. Been using it for two nights and it is already my favorite Monster.

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