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The Bravo-5  is the Bravo Series model with 900 lumens max, 5 modes and mode memory. This is our best value ever in an MF Tactical Pro Grade flashlight.

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Bravo-5 runs on one 18650 battery. Choose 1 or 2 Extended or Ultra Capacity batteries. Flashlight does not come with batteries unless added below.

Choose a single or dual USB charger with AC (wall charge) and DC (vehicle charge) adapter options.

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MF Tactical Bravo Series is the end result of MF Tactical‘s comprehensive design project to reinvent the low cost, compact and efficient rechargeable tactical LED flashlight category.  By basing the Bravo Series on the American made, highly efficient and reasonably priced Cree® XM-L T5 LED emitter, we were able to design and build an absolutely bulletproof flashlight that is bright as hell and made to hold up to a lifetime of demanding use.  Plus, our deep diamond knurling pattern insures that the Bravo will stay securely within your grip no matter how wet and slippery the environment becomes.

Bravo Series has all of the upgraded design elements normally found only in our Pro Grade flashlights: heavy gauge shock resistant aircraft grade aluminum with an HA II military grade hard anodized finish, an upgraded precision heavy duty switch mechanism and a lens made from hardened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.  By building this incredibly high quality flashlight body around the cost effective Cree T5 LED, we are able to offer the 900 max lumen Bravo-5 at the lowest price ever for a multi-mode MF Tactical Pro Grade LED flashlight.

Bravo-5  is the multi-mode Bravo Series flashlight, and it has high, medium, low, fast strobe and SOS modes with memory circuitry to remember and return to the mode you used last. Bravo-5 gives you everything you need (and nothing you don’t need) in a well built, compact 6″ long tactical flashlight.  But unlike all of the Chinese competitors out there on the internet, the Bravo gives you our best feature of all:  MF Tactical design, workmanship and quality.  The first thing you will notice when you pick up a Bravo-5 is the feeling of security you get from having such a well made and finely crafted precision tool in the palm of your hand.

Bravo Series is America’s answer to the onslaught of cheap Chinese flashlights that have flooded the market. Like all MF Tactical flashlights, Bravo is built with an aluminum reflector, which is an integral part of a quality, high power flashlight. Generic Chinese flashlights being sold as “US Navy Seals” tactical flashlights all have cheap plastic lenses instead of a metal reflector, and as a result they are cheaper to manufacture but far less bright. Without a reflector, these low grade “focusing” flashlights don’t actually focus any light, but merely create an optical illusion by masking out the outside of the beam. Don’t be fooled by the bogus performance claims and snake oil sales tactics of the Chinese companies pretending to be American military suppliers offering surplus flashlights to the public. Bravo is the real deal, and MF Tactical gives you quality and value for your dollar, not a cheap disposable flashlight.

This light was built to run on a single high voltage 18650 rechargeable li-ion protected battery (Do NOT use CR-123A’s or any unprotected battery). While the price shown for the flashlight is without batteries, just use the “Battery Options” and “Charger Options” menus when you put this light in your cart, and you can choose from a variety of options with one or two of our top quality rechargeable li-ion batteries and your choice of charger, all offered with no additional shipping. We also stock a variety of accessories, such as red and green color filters, mounting hardware, remote pressure switches and holsters.

Here are the specs:

Brand: MF Tactical
Model: Bravo-5
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree XM-L T5
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 1
Battery: Powered by 1 x Protected 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery ONLY (sold separately).   Do NOT use CR123A or unprotected 18650
Voltage Input: 3.6~4.2v
Modes: 5
Mode Arrangement: High, Med, Low, Fast Strobe, SOS
Mode Memory Memory Mode Circuitry – Learns and Returns to Last Mode Used
Switch Location/Type: Tail-cap Mounted Reverse Tactic Click Switch
Brightness: 900 lumens max on high; 450 lumens max on med; 135 lumens max on low
Operating Current: 1.2A, Digitally Regulated
Runtime per Charge: Approx 3.25 hrs on high; 6.5 hrs on med; 21.7 hrs on low. (Using 3400mAh Ultra Capacity battery)
Materials: Anodized aircraft aluminum body.
Lens: Hardened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.
Range: 125 yards
Waterproof Standard: IPX-7.  Protected against water penetration at depth up to 1 meter.
Finish: HA II Military Grade Hard Anodized
Carrying Strap: Nylon Wrist Strap Included
Weight (w/o battery): 5.2 oz
Length: 6”
Body Diameter: 1”
Head Diameter: 1.34”
Diameter at Mounting Point: 1”

TO CHANGE MODES:  Turn on with a full press of the button (CLICK), then cycle through modes with a half press of button (NO CLICK).

MEMORY FEATURE:  Leave in any mode for about 4 seconds to allow circuitry to learn mode.  Then turn off and wait 4 additional seconds for memory to set. The light then remembers and returns to your last setting when turned back on.

Optional Tactical Accessories:

Remote Pressure Switch for Delta and Bravo Series
Remote Pressure Switch for Delta and Bravo Series
Universal Gun Mount
Universal Gun Mount

To order, check “Add Remote Pressure Switch” and/or “Add Firearm Mount” box above.

SMO Reflector Options:

SMO or “Smooth” Reflector
Standard “OP” or Orange Peel Reflector.

If you would like to upgrade your Bravo-5 to maximize the throw distance of your flashlight, we offer the option to upgrade your reflector to a highly polished SMO smooth reflector. The standard OP or “orange peel” reflector has a textured surface that acts to evenly disburse the light over a wider field, which makes the light have a bias towards flood or spill. As some users prefer their light to have a bias towards throw, which concentrates more of the beam towards the center, sending more of the light farther down field, we offer the option of upgrading your light’s reflector to an SMO reflector.  Think of the difference as the choice of loading your home’s light fixture with a spot light bulb vs. a flood light bulb. If you would want to maximize your light’s throw potential through the use of an SMO reflector, just check the option box when ordering and either upgrade your standard OP reflector to the SMO reflector or include both OP and SMO reflectors.

6 reviews for MF Tactical Bravo-5 Cree LED Tactical Flashlight – 5 Mode

  1. Dave

    Wow!! This has got to be the cleanest brightest light I’ve ever used. My options are the ultra batteries and the SMO lens. Very clean light, so happy that this made in the USA and hopefully from American materials. Very sturdy flashlight. I could just repeat what others have said but there is no reason to. If you are searching for a new flashlight, look no further. Best light I’ve ever had.

  2. Edwin (verified owner)

    I need a simple tactical flashlight with an end cap switch for thumb activation. My previous light was a no-name brand from China and it failed operate after I dropped it in my driveway. My light before that was also made in China and the end cap switch failed after a month. I purchased the Bravo 5 because it was made in the USA and I expect the product to be of higher quality and more durable. It feels solid like it was made from real quality aluminum and not a blended mix of melted down scrap metal. The light does not have a feature to focus the light from a wide beam to a narrow beam. I did not even notice this at first because the light is very bright and has a nice bright wide pattern as well as a bright strong central beam all at the same time. Overall, I feel like the ability to focus the beam is not necessary. I bought the SMO reflector along with the standard reflector housing. The SMO reflector does noticeably increase the center beam over the standard reflector while maintaining the bright wide beam area. I think the SMO reflector helps the light perform so well without having the function to manually focus the beam. The hardened glass lens is crystal clear and feels solid, much nicer that the traditional plastic lenses that come with lower quality flashlights. I purchased an additional green lens. I’m in the National Guard and I fly on C-130s. I need the green light when in flight at night so I don’t blind myself or the rest of the crew. The one thing that disappoints about this light is that there is nowhere to store the extra lens in the light when not in use. Overall I am very impressed with the Bravo 5 Light and I next intend to purchase the weapon mount and the pressure switch extension to allow the light to be used on a rifle.

  3. Tom M.

    Ordered the bravo5 after spending way too much time searching on line. Got it with 2 3400 long run batteries, belt holster and the ac-dc charger. First impression out of the box was that this is a real high quality piece. Charged up and went for a walk last night, and I realized I now have my go to light for life. Strong white beam that lights up as far as I want to see. What I like most is the confidence that this thing is always going to do its job, because it just feels so high quality. Switch is top notch and build quality is exceptional. Heavy knurling on body gives great grip like you find only on professional equipment. I like it more each time I turn it on. No question USA lights blow away Chinese crap. Only giving 5 stars because cant give 6!

  4. Andy

    I admit it. I bought the light from TV that works in the ice block. Spent way too much on a lightweight Chinese clunker. The zoom feature is a joke. The beam is just not intense. Now I got a Bravo-5 with the smo reflector. The center beam is probably 5 times brighter than the china special, and the body is made out of thick metal, not the tin foil construction of the atomic crap light. The quality makes the MF light and now I’ve got my EDC light that I will use and love. Also much whiter light on the MF. Not blue tint like atomic. Very reasonable pricing considering made in U.S. and such high build quality. Very happy customer.

  5. Dale (verified owner)

    Got my new Bravo 5 light in today. I opted for the smooth reflector to reach out further. This torch is a great buy for the money, throws a nice beam out there with no dark spots and lights up a large area too. The best of both worlds. I have bought around eight lights (lost one) from The Monster. And will keep on dreaming of the day I get The Powerstar. Till then I could not be more happy with all my lights that I have scattered in my work gear,truck,garage,bedroom,toolbox. I love these lights.

  6. Sherrill Phelps (verified owner)

    Just received my light and couldn’t wait till it got dark to play with the light. It is easy to use, solid as a rock, and really bright for a small package. This is my second purchase from MF. First was a Delta4 that I really love. Delivery time was awesome. Five days from order date to delivery and that included a week end.
    Keep up the great work on outstanding products. The Bravo 5 performance exceeds my expectations.

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